March 27, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

You Had Me at Hello… New Digital Dilemma Series Provides the Easy Answers to Wi-Fi’s Toughest Questions

Today I’m going to use a bit of poetic license to share a fun new campaign series we’ve developed for your use by paying a little homage to Jerry Maguire (circa 1996; for those of you too young to understand: please do look up this cherished piece of pop culture history).

  • Hello, do Wi-Fi calls dominate your help desk?
  • Hello, are your subscribers confused about how Wi-Fi works?
  • Hello, are you looking for fresh content for your social media platforms?

If you said YES to any of the above, then this blog is for you!

“Show me the money!”

As part of our continued program to support your marketing efforts, help you grow revenue, and improve the subscriber experience, we are thrilled to share this new campaign series with you — the Digital Dilemma.

“You play with your head, not your heart.”

Don’t get lost with speeds and feeds. Play to the heart and make your subscribers feel something. This fun and lighthearted approach has been developed for you to download and go — use them weekly, or monthly, whatever best fits your social media strategy. This series of five (to get you started) short social videos is now available on our Marketing and Education Materials page, under the Videos tab. We have also included example language for you to customize and use with your social posts, all with a suggested call to action.

“You complete me.”

Take your campaign to the next level and make sure to use the analytics available in your social platform to determine the best time of day to post, measure engagement or tie this into a larger effort to improve the customer experience and grow revenue.  

Check out this example (Basement Dweller) and get the others from the link above. 


“We are out here for you.”

If you want to discuss a campaign idea, marketing/sales strategies, tiered services, best practices, or have content suggestions for the Marketing and Education materials page, contact Bridget. In the words of Jerry McGuire – “Help me, help you!”