February 22, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

Is Complexity Creating a Maze Between You and Success?


Are your operational and time-to-market capabilities being bogged down in today’s maze of complexity?

In today’s world, the pace of change is accelerating at a rapid rate, especially with the advent of 5G being aggressively rolled out. The number of 5G base stations and antennas are proliferating as subscriber demands placed on 5G networks have increased exponentially. Your subscribers want and expect instant gratification and self-service capabilities. In order for you to meet those expectations, a simplified operating model is a must in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

However, in order to achieve that end state, you will need to address the issue of complexity. Unnecessary complexity is present in virtually every industry but one area where that is most accurate, is within the telecommunications industry. It’s a hugely complicated business with millions of subscribers demanding an always on world. With new technologically advanced products and services being launched into the marketplace, operational support services like service activation and configuration, billing, and customer care are becoming more and more complex. As a result, customer confusion increases, satisfaction levels decline, the need for streamlining operations becomes even more evident while the cost of doing everything continues to climb at an accelerated rate.

There is a solution that is available today which will enable you to never be bogged down ever again. Calix has developed an innovation engine that will address and break through the “maze of complexity levels” that have encumbered you so far, and that engine is the software defined AXOS platform. With AXOS, you will benefit from a fully abstracted service layer, hardware independence, common service models and workflows, as well as a stateful, always on operational environment---all of which will dramatically simplify your  operations. The AXOS platform offers a path to a simplified, intelligent, unified access network that accelerates time-to revenue, eliminates service disruptions and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Calix just announced a new set of software innovations for the AXOS platform. In that Q1 release, Calix introduced a new AXOS Gigabit Ethernet line card for the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System that will help you with Active Ethernet networks by dramatically simplifying your operations and accelerating your time-to-market for delivering gigabit services. As a result of the disruptive attributes of the AXOS platform, early adopters of AXOS have reduced their OSS/BSS integration times by as much as 86 percent while lowering resource requirements and deployment costs. Read the February 19th press release to learn more about how Calix will deliver speed and simplicity to the Active Ethernet market with the new E7-2 AXOS GE-24 r2 line card and supporting Professional Services.