February 11, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Does Your 2019 Wi-Fi Marketing Need a Kick-Start?


Are you trying to get bigger Wi-Fi marketing results, with fewer resources and less budget?

Have you rolled out Managed Wi-Fi services but are missing a key piece of collateral?

Do you want to take your Managed Wi-Fi to the next level?

Are you looking to launch Smart Home in 2019?

Well, here is an opportunity for you to let Calix help. After more than 20 years in service provider marketing, I know first-hand the challenges marketers face as they launch and promote new services. With those lessons in mind, we are starting the Calix Marketing Kick-Start initiative, to help you create customized, targeted marketing campaigns that will drive additional sales of Managed Wi-Fi, Whole Home Wi-Fi, and Smart Home services.

It’s easy to participate:

  • You share a specific campaign or collateral need;
  • Calix works directly with you to develop this material;
  • you take the material to market; and
  • we genericize, then share the content, through our Marketing and Education Materials page, for others to use. 

This simple process will allow us to keep making fresh content available, while at the same time develop materials that are meaningful and relevant in your marketplace. Jenny from Nex-Tech explains how they have utilized the available materials.


If you are ready to discuss a campaign idea, marketing/sales strategies, tiered services, best practices, or have content suggestions for the Marketing and Education materials page,  contact me to schedule a discussion. I look forward to working with you!