December 19, 2018 by Greg Owens

How is Internet Speed Measured?

Do your subscribers understand how Internet speeds are measured? Do they know that a Gigabit is one thousand times bigger than a Megabit?

How about the difference between upload speeds and download speeds?

Does your help desk get calls with questions about slow connection speeds?

How do consumers know what Internet package is best for them?

In response to some feedback from our service provider partners, Calix has created a two-minute video designed to help subscribers understand some of the basic concepts around bandwidth.

After watching the video, log in to our Marketing and Education Resources page to download the source file (MP4 format) and add your own branded ‘bumpers’ to the beginning and end of the video.

Then, feel free to post the video to your web site, distribute it to your subscribers via an e-mail campaign, or turn it into a short commercial.

"Please, Calix, I Want Some More"

Going forward, Calix wants to create more of these videos. If you have some ideas for future topics, please contact Greg Owens, Product Marketing Director for our Premises products.