October 11, 2018 by Alan DiCicco

Wi Do They Go Elsewhere?


Greg Owens, Premises Systems Product Marketing Director at Calix, had his perspective on why service providers need to own the experience with Managed Wi-Fi or lose the subscriber published in the October issue of ISE Magazine. Congratulations, Greg!

Here’s the introduction to his contributed article.

Own the Experience with Managed Wi-Fi or Lose the Subscriber —

Thanks to ongoing service provider investments in various access network technologies, many homes across North America can receive gigabit-speed Internet connections. Despite these advances in the access network, many consumers are still not able to enjoy a high-speed experience inside their home because of limitations with Wi-Fi technology.

Recent research from Parks Associates (documented in the white paper “Staking a Claim in the Connected Home: Service Provider Solutions”) indicates that 50% of consumers have issues with their Wi-Fi connection, ranging from coverage problems, slow speeds, dropped connections, and interference. In many cases — as much as half for many service providers — these issues result in calls to the help desk. This is bad news for service providers, as increased numbers of calls result in rising support costs.

It’s a great perspective on the choices that service providers face: become a broadband pipe provider with increasing costs and limited perceived value by the subscriber or make the choice to provide a superior subscriber experience as a digital service provider.

You can read the full article at ISE Magazine.

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