September 17, 2018 by Kezia Gollapudi

Where Would You Spend Your Extra Marketing Budget if You Could Win New Subscribers with Less Investment?


Team building trip to Hawaii? New company vision video? Revamp to your subscriber portal?

The possibilities are endless when you put powerful intelligence behind your acquisition strategy. With the right set of information at your fingertips, you can be really smart about which prospects you target and how you engage with them.

This is the exact intelligence—acquisition insights—we recently introduced to Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC). If you are new to CMC, it is a subscriber analytics tool built specifically for service provider marketers. Until now, we’ve been helping service providers improve their subscriber experience (retaining and upselling more effectively), while generating more revenue.

With the introduction of the new Acquisition Insights, we are extending that deep understanding of subscriber needs and behavior, to win new subscribers. See press release for the complete announcement.

Challenges with the current state of subscriber acquisition
Acquiring new subscribers is clearly not a simple undertaking. It has to start with a solid understanding of your ideal subscriber. We tend to make some educated guesses, but that’s not going to be good enough anymore.

According to Hubspot research, subscriber acquisition is only going to get harder. Rising marketing costs, the amount of noise to cut through to get subscriber attention, changing subscriber interactions, and general distrust in brands are only adding to the complexity.

So, if you want to grow your subscriber base, it’s imperative that you invest in breaking down your generic prospect list, and prioritizing who you go after, how and when. After all, we are all working with a finite budget.

Putting intelligence behind acquisition.

If your prospect list gives you basic contact information and maybe some demographics, with very little additional context, finding the right targets is generally difficult. But with Calix Marketing Cloud, you simply tap into what you know about your subscribers to make decisions about prospects.

For example, say you want to target subscribers with maximum revenue potential. If you already know you are selling higher tiers to subscribers in a certain neighborhood, because there seems to be a concentration of gamers there, you would use that knowledge to prioritize that neighborhood.

This immediately addresses two challenges. One, keeps the marketing spend low with micro-segmentation, so your total cost of subscriber acquisition is lower. Two, you are able to engage the prospects with an offer and message that’s likely to get their attention. In this case, something about a better gaming experience.

Prepping for this new approach to acquisition.

However, it all starts with knowing your existing subscribers. Several Calix customers are already rethinking their acquisition strategy.

You can hear directly from Candy Riem, Vice President, Marketing & Member Solutions at Midwest Energy & Communications, next week on how they are fine-tuning their acquisition strategy along with some amazing results they are seeing by focusing on subscriber experience. Join the live webinar on Wednesday, September 26 at 2PM EST (11AM PST).