July 31, 2018 by Teresa McGaughey

Ready, Set, Go… and BSS/OSS integration is complete!


Wondering how your business can win against the competition? One of the best ways is to deploy to new markets and deliver new services faster. 

Service providers continue to tell me that one of the biggest challenges in speeding up their time-to-market is the integration effort required to set up the back office to begin to provision services across the network and scale rapidly. The back-office integration typically starts late and because it can take as long as two years, can significantly delay your time to market.

The AXOS modular architecture with its hardware abstraction layer, enables hardware independence. This means you can not only run the AXOS software platform on systems like the E7-2, but you can run it on your laptop with AXOS Sandbox. So now you can begin integration well before you have built your network, or even a lab. This also means companies like GLDS who develop the systems that run your back office can also begin integration sooner. 

It’s obvious that beginning the race sooner can be helpful, but what if it could make your race to the finish line shorter than your competition’s? 

AXOS includes standard northbound interfaces and is fully object modeled using YANG models which simplifies the process of integration. This means even the first integration with AXOS can be as short as four months. But with AXOS once you’ve completed the first integration, your starting block for the next race is essentially at the finish line. GLDS showed this when they completed the integration of their second AXOS system, the E9-2 in only four weeks.

Deploying the AXOS software platform means your race to the finish line is a lot shorter than your competition! Learn more about how the architecture of AXOS can help you win here.