April 17, 2018 by Kezia Gollapudi

Delivering a Subscriber Experience that Supports Members Across the Digital Divide


Imagine living in a place where there are miles between homes, you can look up and see millions of stars at night, you know all your neighbors… and you have no access to high-speed broadband. This is reality for many residents in rural communities and it’s sparked the digital divide – the benefits afforded to those who have access to high-speed broadband services vs. those who do not. 

Companies like Elevate Fiber are doing something about it. Powered by Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), a member-owned and locally controlled rural electric cooperative in southwest Colorado, Elevate Fiber is building a 100 percent fiber network from the ground up across DMEA’s service territory. Launched in 2016, Elevate Fiber will have built more than 3000 miles of fiber by 2021, and all DMEA members in Colorado will have access to this high-speed, reliable network.


See how Elevate is building a business ready for the future.

Elevate Fiber also quickly recognized the need to own the entire subscriber experience. As customer acquisition grew, Elevate Fiber determined that they needed the right tools to deliver consistently high levels of service and “always on” customer expectations that their member-owned subscriber base had come to expect from their electric service provider, Delta-Montrose.

“Once they [customers] are online, we’re responsible… let’s assume 2000 people put in a ticket over the course of this year. Can we satisfy everybody… work with everybody…educate everybody? So that’s where the tools we’re using are crucial.” Carson Rutherford, Senior Network Engineer for Elevate Fiber. 


See why Elevate Fiber chose Calix Support Cloud.

With Calix Support Cloud, Elevate Fiber can easily own the subscriber experience like never before.

  • Granular visibility into subscriber issues, without having to rely on the customer’s ability to articulate the problem
  • Integration of electric and broadband billing systems on a single dashboard for a more holistic data sharing between systems and teams
  • Peace of mind that as their network and subscriber base grow and change, Calix will continually evolve solutions to help meet their customer expectations

And stay tuned as Calix continues to follow Elevate Fiber’s journey to delivering on their commitment to their subscribers.