March 26, 2018 by Greg Owens

Five Mesh Wi-Fi Use Cases you Probably Haven’t Thought of


This is the third and final post in my series on Mesh Wi-Fi. In previous posts, I talked about how Mesh Wi-Fi can enable you to offer a Premium home Wi-Fi service, and how it can help your customers make their Wi-Fi invisible. There are many other Mesh Wi-Fi uses cases you can market to your customers. Here are some for you to consider.

1. Resolving Coverage Issues

Sometimes subscribers call your customer service representatives (CSRs) to say they’re not happy with their Wi-Fi coverage. This is a perfect opportunity to upsell the 804Mesh satellite unit to extend coverage everywhere. In fact, this is the primary use case for which the 804Mesh was created. In response, CSRs can recommend this option over the phone, then ship subscribers a unit by mail. The 804Mesh is easy for subscribers to install; no truck roll required. (Don’t believe me? Check out our new 3-minute video to see how easy it is to get an 804Mesh working and to ensure its proper placement.)

2. Mesh Wi-Fi Upsell

Another great way to ensure that subscribers get the best Wi-Fi experience possible—and to drive the sale of additional 804Mesh units—is to ensure that all of your field techs have 804Mesh units with them on the truck for ready deployment. Once a Wi-Fi mapping or analysis is complete, field techs can explain to subscribers how they can benefit from the installation of a second access point (AP).

3. Outdoor Wi-Fi

Why not leverage Mesh Wi-Fi to extend connectivity outside the home—to the backyard patio or pool deck, detached garage, or exterior workshop? Before I expand on this, it is important to note that the 804Mesh units are not temperature hardened or water resistant, so should not be deployed outside where they might be exposed to the elements. However, placing an 804Mesh satellite as close as possible to the outdoor location where coverage is desired—for example, near a window or door that leads to the backyard—subscribers can enjoy outstanding Wi-Fi connectivity in the great outdoors.

4. Wireless TV is mobile TV

Many people would love to move their TV to a different location in their home, but their set-top box (STB) is connected directly to their AP. With the Calix 804Mesh, subscribers can move their TV and STB to the desired location, place an 804Mesh unit close by, then plug their STB into the 804Mesh.

5. Some Folks are Not Yet Tired of Being Wired

Some homes use building materials and techniques that interrupt the transmission of Wi-Fi signals, such as radiant flooring systems or thick plaster walls. One way to get around this is by connecting an 804Mesh using a wired Ethernet connection to the GigaCenter. The 804Mesh unit can then provide wireless coverage for any devices looking to connect in that previously underserved area of the home. 

The reverse scenario might also be interesting for subscribers that still want to connect legacy devices—like desktop PCs or printers—using Ethernet. In this case, an 804Mesh can be installed near the device in question, and that device can connect to the 804Mesh using the Ethernet plug found in the back of the unit. As a result, these devices don't have to be located close to the GigaCenter, giving subscribers more flexibility than ever before.

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