February 8, 2018 by Pam Ferguson

Raising the Bar for Home Networks: the Service Provider Opportunity


As I argued in my previous post, Wi-Fi is a double-edged sword. It’s something that provides us with many benefits, but at the same time can be an enormous source of frustration when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to and prevents us from enjoying those benefits.

In this post, I want to highlight more key findings from the new “Staking a Claim in the Connected Home” white paper, which was developed by Parks Associates.

In particular, I want to look at what these findings mean for service providers looking to capitalize on the evolving connected home opportunity and “raise the bar” for home networks and the customer experience. 

As the white paper notes, with the right strategy and execution, service providers “can become a driver of the connected home market rather than passively providing home networking support for other companies.” 

How can they achieve this? One critical area for improvement is the user experience, especially as the connected home matures and more smart devices are added to the mix.

Consumers experiencing challenges with smart device setup

As the white paper notes, setting up smart devices is proving to be challenging for consumers, with approximately half of smart device owners experiencing problems when setting up their devices.

These problems are wide ranging, but there are a couple of key ways service providers can mitigate this problem.

Raise the bar

One obvious way that service providers can improve the customer experience is by providing premium support as they’re setting up smart devices on their home networks. When problems arise, service providers can add significant value by helping their customers address them quickly with minimal downtime.

Perhaps more important than offering premium support is providing customers with enhanced wireless access points that offer unified connected home support for protocols used by the most common smart devices, beyond Wi-Fi, such as Zigbee and Z-Wave. Hardware manufacturers can help by pre-certifying interoperability with the most popular smart devices.

What’s more, as the white paper notes, premises equipment that provides unified home capabilities also enables service providers to support new use cases that provide new opportunities for revenue generation.

Get your copy of the white paper today

To learn more about how service providers can raise the bar for home networks and become a driver for the Connected Home market, download your free copy of the white paper today.