October 10, 2017 by Carl Meyerhofer

United Fiber Transforms Rural Missouri from 90% Underserved to Gigabit Community

United Electric Cooperative is proving you can bridge the “digital divide” in even the most rural part of Missouri. United Fiber, a subsidiary of United Electric Cooperative, has a serving area that is the lowest density in all of Missouri (as low as 2.4 electric meters per mile). With a mission of improving the quality of life of the members they serve, United Fiber brings gigabit service to a membership that was ~90% underserved.

Can you really provide cost-effective gigabit fiber broadband to rural America?

United Fiber is just one of a growing number of electric cooperatives that are proving you can. With rates as low as $50/month for 100 Mbps and $100/month for 1 Gbps, United Fiber's rates are certainly among the most competitive in the country and is now running with no operating subsidies. United Fiber offers a managed Wi-Fi service using Calix GigaCenters and Calix Cloud services to help keep operational expenses low and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience.

With a goal to help stimulate economic development of their region, United Fiber is connecting businesses and residents with affordable broadband and making a positive impact on the communities they serve. Serving businesses in the region has helped improve the financial business case and is allowing United Fiber to build their network deep into the lower density residential member areas.

It is truly an amazing story of how a member-owned utility is living up to its mission by delivering world-class broadband service to its members and at the same time adding rural Missouri to the map of gigabit communities.

Click here to learn more about the United Fiber network and the impact they are having on their community.