October 18, 2017 by Greg Owens

The Mesh Wi-Fi Opportunity: An Interview with Juan Vela


One of the key benefits for consumers, according to Juan, is that Mesh Wi-Fi eliminates any boundaries that might have previously existed regarding coverage. For starters, this benefits those of us that work from home; whether we want to sit at the kitchen table or lounge in the backyard hammock.

From an entertainment standpoint, Juan advances, the home theater of the future might not be a big-screen TV. Instead, it may be a smaller, more mobile and personalized device that can be taken from room to room, with streaming video following the consumer wherever they go.

From a service provider perspective, Juan believes that Mesh Wi-Fi presents a tremendous opportunity. As Juan points out, many ‘brick and mortar’ stores are stocking Mesh Wi-Fi systems on their shelves. Online retailers, like Amazon, are exploring opportunities to own the customer experience, creating devices that leverage improved in-home connectivity. Service providers need to tap in to these opportunities, capitalizing on the overall market demand to drive more revenue, reduce their churn, and lower support costs.