October 24, 2017 by Gregory Bathrick

Can you Deliver the Gigabit Experience to your Entire Subscriber Base?

Did you know that 55 percent of those that live in MDUs were born after 1984? This generation grew up on the Internet and they expect the same subscriber experience as those that live in a single-family residence. They want, even demand, the opportunity to get the gigabit experience even though they live in an MDU.

As a service provider, your challenge is to deliver that same experience to all your subscribers whether they live in a neighborhood of single-family homes, garden-style apartments, or large MDUs that were built before fiber or even CAT5 cabling was considered necessary. 

We’ve heard from many service providers that they run fiber by these older buildings, but due to the wiring and the difficulty of running fiber or even CAT5 cabling within the building, they just pass up on delivering service to those living or working inside.

Today Calix announced a new solution that opens this largely untapped market and enables service providers to deliver gigabit services to these buildings, even if the living units in the building are only served by station wire (CAT1), CAT3, or even coax.

The AXOS Gfast E3-48F and E5-48F systems use the latest Gfast standard, Amendment 3, to enable service providers to deliver the gigabit experience without requiring the need to bond copper pairs. 

Calix has continued to increase our speed of development through AXOS and the  E3-48F and E5-48F are additional examples of that, being the industry’s first 48-port Gfast systems on the market and the first to support Amendment 3. Not only does today’s news mark a product announcement, but the product is already out in the field. The speed chart you see here is from testing on the E3-48F before the system began trials in a Tier 1 service provider lab. And with cDTA, Gfast speeds can be doubled again, reaching 2 Gbps.


Not only did Calix bring this to market fast, but because of the AXOS architecture and common service models across all AXOS systems (E9-2E7-2E3-2, and Gfast), the integration of these and any other new AXOS systems into a service provider network is simple, fast, and straightforward.

Service providers now have a means to get to new markets faster and at a lower cost than ever before and deliver the same subscriber experience across their entire customer base.