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November 16, 2017 by Pam Ferguson

What if You Could Turn Smart Home Complexity into Revenue?


For 30 years, we’ve talked about the service demarcation; the point where service providers connect the subscriber to the network. The GigaFamily and other Calix solutions have allowed you to move the demarc into the home with improved Wi-Fi coverage designed to deliver on subscriber demands. And yet, it’s Wi-Fi issues that drive nearly half of your support calls. To make matters worse, some of these issues are caused by devices that your subscribers have purchased at retail stores. How did you end up supporting devices that you didn’t even sell?

With the evolution to the smart home and the proliferation of wireless devices, your subscribers need help. If you don’t give it to them, others will do it over the top, using your network. They’ll own the customer experience, turning you into a wholesale pipe provider.

At Calix, we believe that rather than being viewed as a challenge, this should be embraced as a huge opportunity. And it all starts with Managed Wi-Fi. We’ve already been addressing it with Calix Cloud and the GigaFamily, and most recently with the launch of the 804Mesh

And at the 2017 Calix ConneXions, we announced the next step: EXOS, our Experience Operating System, coming soon on the next generation of GigaFamily products.

EXOS is a carrier-class OS that will empower you to go on the offensive and support residential customers now — and business and mobile subscribers in the future — across the full wireless and smart technology experience. EXOS will also support Alexa, allowing you to quickly bring new features to market and work with best of breed partners. 

Most importantly, EXOS will enable you to sell new services and drive additional revenue, by doing the four things that you need to do incredibly well:

1)     Connect: Enable your subscribers to connect the explosive number of wireless devices, across any of the protocols available in the market.

2)     Manage: Provide a managed experience, understanding and managing devices and allowing subscribers to do what they want to do.

3)     Secure: Create a safe experience for every subscriber.

4)     Analyze: Gain rich insights to improve the delivery of services.

Ultimately, with EXOS, you can evolve from a connectivity provider to an experience provider, with the ability to deliver on your subscribers’ demands and own the home, the business and the mobile space.

Ready to learn more? Register to watch the replay of the EXOS announcement from 2017 Calix ConneXions titled "Introducing EXOS," as presented by Shane Eleniak, VP of Systems Products at Calix. It only takes 10 seconds to register, and you'll be given access to a host of videos, presentations, and photos. You also read the press release or visit the EXOS web site for more information.