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November 8, 2017 by Robert Balsamo

MSO Leader Kenneth Gould Joins the Calix Advanced Technology and Standards Group


In October, Kenneth Gould joined the Calix Advanced Technology and Standards organization as Senior Director, Cable/MSO. He has an extensive background in high-speed data, video, telephony, and security engineering development with over 17 years at Time Warner Cable and its successor company, Charter Communications. Kenneth has brought a wealth of expertise in driving our mission of bringing Calix innovation to the Software Defined Access market both domestically and internationally.

Robert: Welcome to Calix, Kenneth! Tell me a little about yourself and your background prior to joining the Calix family.

Kenneth:  My path to Calix started with my providing engineering consulting services to many of the telcos who are currently Calix customers. Back then, I was involved with engineering work related to video distribution over every media except for coaxial or hybrid fiber coax; I worked with ADSL, satellite, and microwave (MMDS) delivery. That telco work turned into work for a major Internet Service Provider, which eventually afforded me the opportunity to work for Time Warner Cable on some of the first cable modem-based residential and commercial broadband service deployments. By the early 2000’s, I realized that video and high-speed data services were going to converge in the cable companies, so I positioned myself to be able to create services that bridged both high-speed data and video services within Time Warner Cable’s engineering and architectural groups. My goal had been to increase the stickiness of the customer experience by binding MSO services together. 

Robert: What attracted you to join Calix and what role will you now be playing as part of the Calix team?

Kenneth:  For my entire career with the MSOs, I’ve been very bullish about the prospects for broadband services to positively affect customers’ lives, not so much by providing “killer applications”, but by enabling other companies and individuals to leverage high-speed data services to provide compelling and useful applications and means for people to connect with each other, and access government services or educational opportunities. Calix plays a great role in enabling MSOs to enable those broadband services. With the Calix product portfolio, cable operators can push fiber deeper into their networks, efficiently deploy, operate, and maintain their networks, while increasing overall speeds, customer reachability, and reach new commercial, residential, and governmental customers. Working with my peers at Calix, I like to think that I can help to bring those benefits directly to many MSOs simultaneously, rather than limiting myself to working from within only one cable company.

I’ll also say that I went through an intense interview process to get here – and I actually love that about Calix. I knew that my new peers were similarly well-vetted and that I’d subsequently be working with, and learning from, the best possible peers. I already knew them to be smart and engaged, and enthusiastic about sharing their work, and that’s the kind of environment I wanted! 

Robert: What are you most excited about/looking forward to in this new role?

Kenneth: Given my experiences within the cable community, I’m really excited to help explain to our cable community how differentiated Calix solutions are; that Calix and our engineering teams are value-adding partners in their success, rather than just suppliers. I know that the Calix sales team focused on the cable marketplace has really grown over the last two quarters of 2017 and I’m excited about sharing my perspective about where our customers’ pain points are, and how we can remove those pain points.  I am also very excited about the prospects for virtualizing and automating many of the systems and processes that our customers go through today. We can really enable them to turn up services with a greater velocity than they have historically enjoyed.

Robert: Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.

Kenneth: Well, I won a Technical Emmy for Time Warner Cable a few years ago. When I say that, people think “Hollywood”, “red carpet”, and “celebrities”, but while I’m proud of the technical work that I did to garner the award, the award ceremony was much more on the geeky side, than the glamourous side.  Instead of Los Angeles, this was held in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show and celebrity-spotting was a little more obscure (“hey, is that Senator Durbin of Illinois?  Yes, yes that is”). Don’t get me wrong; it was nice and the ceremony was emceed by Alex Trebek of Jeopardy fame, and I did get a picture with him, so I have that going for me.

I should also say that I’m working for Calix out of Reston, Virginia which is just outside of Washington, D.C. with my lovely wife and three children. If you want recommendations about Smithsonian Museums, then I’m the guy to see.