March 8, 2017 by Evan Parker

Need systems for OSS integration? No problem. I’ll email them to you.

Back office integration is often the long pole in the tent for rolling out new services and technologies. It can take months, sometimes more than a year. Calix is focused on addressing this problem in many ways, and AXOS Sandbox, paired with Activate, is part of the solution. AXOS Sandbox is a virtualized system that eliminates the need for network hardware as you accelerate your way down an SDA future. Start early, work more efficiently, and finish the job sooner.

Watch my latest video to find out how.


Check the Calix Blog tomorrow for the next installment of my two-part video series on AXOS Sandbox and Activate. You can also learn more about AXOS Sandbox and Activate on our website.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!