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June 16, 2017 by Gabe Peterson

Pandora or Facebook Ads? Your Network holds the Answer.


Nothing makes me happier than helping our customers achieve success in their business.

Calix recently launched Marketing Cloud, and we have started to unlock powerful insights for our customers. I wanted to take a moment to share a recent customer success made possible from the insight provided by our new solution.

One of our first customers wanted to improve the efficiency of their advertising investment. They are in a market without much competition and have a very high take rate for all their services. While this is a great problem to have, if they are not able to upsell subscribers to higher service tiers or develop new services, revenue growth is challenged. So, successfully reaching their existing subscribers is key!

They had selected Pandora as an advertising channel based on generic industry statistics which rank Pandora as one of the top platforms for advertising. Using Calix Marketing Cloud, our customer was immediately able to tap into the power of subscriber usage data to gain actionable insights. By using the social channel heatmap within Calix Marketing Cloud, they could view subscribers’ actual usage patterns on various channels, including Pandora. They quickly observed that their subscribers’ usage patterns did not align with generic trends. In fact, at no point were more than 3 percent of their subscribers using Pandora.

With this new insight, they concluded that Pandora was not an effective channel to reach their existing customers. The implementation of Calix Marketing Cloud could not have been more timely, as the contract with Pandora was up for renewal. After seeing the data, they made the wise decision to not renew and instead re-allocated those funds to a more effective social media campaign.

This is just one small example of how the insight provided in the Calix Marketing Cloud can make positive impacts for service providers.

Want to be more effective in your marketing and benefit from tapping into your data goldmine? For more information, check out Calix Marketing Cloud and contact us for a demo by clicking the “Get More Information” button. And, stay tuned for more customer success stories.