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July 6, 2017 by Sarita Fernandes

When tips are not the fix!


Wi-Fi is now seen as a necessity to most households, and with the number of networked devices in the home set to explode, the dependence on Wi-Fi is only going to increase. Wouldn’t it be great if Wi-Fi just worked?

A simple Google search on ‘slow Wi-Fi’ results in a whole host of diverse sites displaying tips on how to fix the problem. It’s evident that problems with Wi-Fi are widespread and impacting consumers everywhere.

Here is an abbreviated list of root causes and fixes for a ‘slow Wi-Fi’ connection as summarized on one of the sites, CNET.

  1. Cause: The most obvious problem with Wi-Fi speeds slowing down is being too far from the router. Fix: To fix this, just get a little closer. If that doesn't work, consider purchasing a second router and a set of powerline network adapters to extend your network.
  2. Cause: Interference can be a real issue, especially in crowded areas. When most people first get their Internet set up, they leave settings unchanged, which means default wireless frequency channels -- like 1, 6 and 11 -- become very crowded. Fix: Fortunately, many newer model routers are capable of automatically selecting the least crowded frequencies upon rebooting. Perform a power cycle on your router or, log-in to the admin panel and manually select a different channel.

As you can see, these troubleshooting tips involve a process of elimination, trial and error, and manual fixes. You could pursue this line of troubleshooting if you are technically adept or have the patience to deal with the process. But, what do most people do when faced with a broadband issue? They call their broadband provider.

Isn’t it time for a better experience? Shouldn’t Wi-Fi just work? Delivering a great Wi-Fi experience presents an incredible opportunity for service providers. If you are looking to deliver that experience, you can now deploy a service that automates troubleshooting for root-causes and more!

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