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July 10, 2017 by Teresa McGaughey

What can Access Network Architects learn from 12th Century Mosaics?


Have you ever seen the famous mosaics of Italy, like the amazing 8000 square meters of mosaic inside St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice? Artists had to painstakingly place all the pieces together to make the images. In the process of putting them together, it was important to get the shape and size just right to keep the gaps between the pieces of stones to a size that works with the “glue” that keeps them together. Most of the mosaics would take years to complete before they could be truly enjoyed, some were never completed.

Clearly, the world moved at a much different pace in those days. In today’s fast paced world, we may sometimes think we don’t have time to do things right. We’d like to ensure every piece of the network fits together just right, but that takes time. Often, our industry creates new kinds of glue to try and hold incongruent pieces together and to hide the issues below. Smooth over the edges so to speak. This glue, call it middleware, sits between network elements and northbound management systems and attempts to hide the inconsistencies and imperfections of the network elements below. But over time, the imperfections and inconsistencies eventually show through. 

Calix believes you can’t afford to not take the time to do software defined access right. Calix AXOS was built from the ground up as a platform for access systems in a software defined world. It removes the need for middleware to glue disjointed network elements together. AXOS integrates with anySDN™ using open standards based interfaces. 

Today’s access network architects can create lasting masterpieces without the glue. Whether you are deploying services from the data centercentral office, remote cabinetremote node, or multi-dwelling unit, there is an AXOS eSeries system supporting anyPHY™ and anyPON™ to meet your needs.