July 24, 2017 by Gregory Bathrick

Making a Splash with MDU Gfast - Where to Start?

With nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population residing in multifamily housing, there is no shortage of apartments and condominiums to deploy Gfast. So where do you start?

Finding the best multi-dwelling units (MDU) involves a few key things to come together: the subscriber’s appetite for high bandwidth, the MDU owner’s willingness to host your service, and the building’s infrastructure to support gigabit services.

Focus first on communities with healthy economies. These are typically synonymous with where tech savvy millennials reside with a strong desire for awesome broadband! Digging a little deeper, service providers can also learn how their existing subscribers use their broadband services today. Are they a big gamer? Are they heavy OTT users? Calix Marketing Cloudenables the service provider to see which subscribers simply are good targets for high bandwidth services.

The knowledge that the opportunity for gigabit services will increase rental income is just the beginning on convincing MDU owners to deploy these new services. Going a step further by offering financial incentives to owners to sign up their tenants will make the difference in most cases. Service providers should plan to sponsor open houses and HOA pool parties to further market their services.

Finally, free site surveys to determine the building’s ability to support gigabit services and determine the cost of installation are strongly recommended. Although building rewiring is usually not necessary to deploy Gfast, service providers still need to consider equipment placement, accessibility for maintenance, and availability to power the units.

Qualify your service areas today and you will be able to deploy Calix AXOS Gfast for gigabit services. You cannot afford to wait.