December 13, 2017 by Greg Owens

Three Broadband Requirements. Two Wi-Fi Issues. One Solution.

Minnesota’s HBC began installing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) about 10 years ago, but still serves a number of areas with hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) and fixed wireless solutions. This mix could have meant supporting at least three different kinds of premise installations. But HBC realized that the Calix GigaCenter solution they were already using for their fiber subscribers could also be used for other installs, simplifying deployment and support. Now, HBC is looking forward to solving two other issues for its subscribers.

Many homes and office buildings in their service area were built with plaster lath construction and hardwood floors, both notorious for blocking wireless signals. At the same time, a number of HBC subscribers have been asking for a solution that will allow them to use Wi-Fi and watch TV in their detached garages. The new Calix Mesh-enhanced carrier class Wi-Fi offering integrates seamlessly with the Calix GigaCenter deployments HBC is already installing, supports both Internet and TV over a single network, and uses Consumer Connect Plus (CC+), the Calix support tool HBC already has in place. This will allow them to deliver the whole-home coverage and complete support their subscribers are asking for, over a single network for both Internet and TV.

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