December 28, 2017 by Teresa McGaughey

Back Office Integration Got You Down?

Remember the days where the annual software release was both a positive thing and negative thing. The release would promise new capabilities to enable more revenue, but it would also mean a long process of integration into your network. However, while integration work was going on with your back office systems, you were losing revenue opportunities and increasing your operational costs.

Are long integration processes a thing of the past. What if they are?  How would that change your ability to compete?

The world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, and your competition is no longer the traditional service provider. You're now competing with Amazon, Apple, and Google to own the subscriber.  The ability to move fast is critical to your ability to succeed.

You must become agile and adopt DevOps ways of working. This means you add new capabilities in small, easily integrated groups into your network rapidly. Essentially, you develop a new capability and then operationalize it, and then repeat. This continues, forever.  Following this process enables you to roll out new services faster, as you no longer need to wait for a large release of capabilities to be incorporated. But, you can't do this alone. You need vendors that are agile as well, with platforms and systems that enable a DevOps approach.

Calix has been transitioning to an agile development process and a DevOps approach over the last couple years. In 2017, we began to see the results of the transition. Calix released more innovation this year than in the several years prior. You now have more revenue-generating opportunities that you can easily incorporate into your network.  Also, due to AXOS standard APIs, service models, and northbound interfaces, every new capability is just that much simpler to integrate across the entire AXOS E-Series portfolio, enabling you to get to revenue faster and focus on running your business. 


So as Calix wraps up an amazing 2017, we ask, if you are ready to transform your network and business and set yourself up for your own amazing 2018?