August 11, 2017 by Evan Parker

Let AXOS Sandbox Relieve your Summer Stress


Long summer days in the lab wrestling with noisy systems, tangled fibers, and uncomfortable workspaces getting you down? Maybe it is time to jump into the sandbox for a bit. AXOS Sandbox, of course. I hope you’ve had a chance to start using Sandbox to experience the AXOS platform.

It has a been a busy six months since we launched AXOS Sandbox, a virtual environment that dramatically improves the economics of new services introduction. As you’ll recall, AXOS Sandbox runs the actual production software release of each Calix AXOS system, enabling service providers to overcome traditional logistics and operations challenges associated with lab hardware. By using open standard interfaces NETCONF/YANG, OpenFlow, and SNMP, AXOS Sandbox quickly and easily slides into existing service provider networks.

As inspiration, here are a few of the ways we are leveraging AXOS Sandbox every day.

  1. All Calix Sales Engineers have AXOS Sandbox on their laptops so they are ready to give you an AXOS demo at any time it is convenient for you. No hassles with equipment, lab space, or power.
  2. We have provided our OSS partners with AXOS Sandbox, speeding up their integration efforts on your behalf and making it easy to adopt AXOS without impacting your business operations.
  3. DevOps… Calix and leading service providers are using Sandbox to test and evaluate incremental AXOS E3-2 software functions and network interoperability concurrent with hardware development.
  4. AXOS Sandbox is speeding back office integration of AXOS E9-2 and AXOS E7-2 systems, paving the way for the rollout of NG-PON2 access networks that will deliver residential, commercial, and wireless services on a single optical distribution network.

AXOS Sandbox has changed the Calix development and test process in many ways, making it more efficient, scalable, and lower cost. I’m sure it can do the same for your labs. If you have not started using AXOS Sandbox yet, I encourage you to start. You can request access to Sandbox by contacting your Calix sales team, or just filling out the online contact form.

Summer’s half over. No better time than now to enjoy the AXOS Sandbox.