August 29, 2017 by Carl Meyerhofer

Insert drum roll here…Introducing Calix Connected Communities!

At Calix, we have the unique opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial pioneers of the telecommunications industry. Our customers constantly push the envelope to bring enhanced broadband services to their communities, and each has a unique story of how they contribute to enhancing the broadband experience for all of us.

So, we thought, what better way to recognize their achievements than to share their stories so others can learn from their success? And with that – Calix Connected Communities was born. Going forward, we will be sharing our customers' stories with you on the Calix Blog in the hope that it helps spark new ideas, drive innovation, and encourage others to enhance the broadband experience for their communities.  

Now that we have the formal introduction out of the way, let’s move on to the real star – Longmont, Colorado – Ranked #1 US city with the fastest internet!


Longmont Power and Communications (LPC) is the city's not-for-profit electric and broadband utility company. LPC’s goal is to deliver outstanding electric and broadband service experiences to their customer-owners while providing exceptional value and benefit to the community. LPC is proud of their service and their heritage. For more than 100 years, they have provided innovative services, and in 2011, the community spoke up and voted on SB152 in favor of allowing LPC to bring broadband services to Longmont residents. In August 2014, construction started on the “NextLight” broadband project. Through NextLight, Longmont is becoming Colorado’s first gigabit city with ultra-high-speed 100 percent fiber-optic service available to every home and business in the community. Hear how they did it here.

So, you might ask - does having gigabit service really make an impact on the economic development of a community? Well, check out this news report where Longmont business owners shared how an abundance of broadband at reasonable prices was transforming their community. I think you will want to hear about the results and how many other communities are looking to follow in Longmont's footsteps.

Does your community have an “abundance of broadband” or are you “underserved?”