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August 1, 2017 by Sarita Fernandes

Increase your Facebook engagement by 1800% in a week!


Social media is a crucial part of any company’s marketing mix. With Facebook now reaching over 2 billion people, it’s proving to be a great advertising channel for businesses – especially those that market and sell to consumers. But, how do you build an engaged following on Facebook?  

One great way to do just that was demonstrated by an early adopter of Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) just last month and they’ve generously let us share their secret here. In a previous blog, we talked about how this customer achieved instant ROI with CMC. They stopped their Pandora spend when the Social Channel Heatmap in CMC showed them that few of their customers actually use Pandora! Based on the behavioral analytics provided by CMC, they decided to redirect their advertising efforts towards Facebook.

Now, you might say that was an obvious move, because “nobody ever got fired for marketing on Facebook!” However, it’s the way they did it, by leveraging the detailed analytics provided by Calix Marketing Cloud, that resulted in driving up their Facebook engagement. It happens that this customer is a small service provider that had very little engagement on Facebook but knew they needed to quickly turn that around.

Using the Social Channel Heatmap in CMC, in combination with the tool’s natural ability to compare the subscriber behaviors in each of their different serving areas, they looked at online Facebook behaviors of subscribers within each of the serving areas. Then, they identified the specific times when Facebook ads would have the maximum impact for each area, along with the key messages they would be communicating with their campaign. The key insight that took them by surprise, was that the Social Channel Heatmap showed that their subscribers’ social media habits did indeed differ by serving area! 

In the first two weeks after the change, they saw a dramatic shift in engagements on Facebook. In the first week following the targeted placements, they saw more than 4000 engagements, an 1800 percent week over week increase! And at the end of the two weeks, they were up to an astounding 17,000 engagements! They achieved these results by simply using the Social Channel Heatmap which gave the targeted behavioral insights needed. They are now on their way to building Facebook as an effective social media channel for their future advertising initiatives.

As marketers, we have access to lots of data, but little actionable insight. Want to see how the behavioral insights in Calix Marketing Cloud can impact your business? Visit Calix Marketing Cloud.