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August 21, 2017 by Stephen Eyre

"And" not "Or"

In the trade-off between centralized data and line of business specific empowerment, the key is to reject the trade-off!


I worked at one of the major technology companies for many years and while it, like all companies, did a non-trivial number of downright silly things it also did some rather smart things - one of which I want to discuss here.

The company in question had an informal policy we've adopted for the Calix Cloud, namely, when faced with what appear to be irreconcilable technology choices, the way to bring optimal value to your customers is to allow them to "choose" both! 

This is what we're doing with Calix Cloud, specifically with respect to the traditionally mandated trade-off between centralized "Big Data" systems and specific line-of-business (LOB) applications. The argument for the centralized systems has been that the effort and expense required to collect, coordinate, and distribute was such a monumental one that the distribution part was sacrificed to the collection and coordination - and the hope was that these mammoth projects would, in fact, finish… one day. The argument for LOB-specific systems has been that each LOB is different enough, in all the ways that matter, to warrant their own systems, loaded with data specific to them, and built around the use cases fundamental to their business.

Those are the upsides associated with each model, with the corresponding downsides obvious enough.

What we've discovered at Calix is that our customers want both, a "centralized" single version of the truth at the same time enjoying LOB-specific tools that help each different group achieve their particular business goals. This is what we've built with Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud; each is an LOB-specific and targeted tool designed to achieve very specific business outcomes. In the case of Calix Marketing Cloud, we support:

  • Increasing ARPU
  • Lowering churn
  • Optimizing marketing dollar spend

In the case of Calix Support Cloud, we target:

  • Lowering Average Talk Time
  • Increased First Call resolution
  • Minimization of truck rolls

We achieve these seemingly irreconcilable goals by ensuring source data and the models we develop to achieve value are shared between each Cloud so that our customers get the best of these both important worlds.

To find out more about how we do this in detail, and what it might mean for your business, visit Calix Cloud.