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Perspectives that Catalyze Innovation

Calix Blog

Perspectives that Catalyze Innovation

July 25, 2022 by Rajdeep Singh

We’re Serving Subscribers Our Competitors Can’t Reach—Thanks to Calix Operations Cloud

As a network technician, I see first-hand how our network operates at scale, which means visibility is critical. Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) gives us unprecedented insight into our network, with more transparency in the access layer and a view of our operations in aggregation instead of per subscriber.... READ MORE 

March 15, 2021 by Naylor Gray

STRATA Uses Its Personalized Mobile App To Keep Delighting Members

Learn how community-focused communications cooperative STRATA Networks is leveraging a personalized version of the Calix CommandIQ® mobile app (and powerful integration with segmentation capabilities in Calix Marketing Cloud) to deliver value-added services and continually excite its device-enabled members. ... READ MORE 

June 2, 2020 by Bridget Watkins

How Do I Show My Subscribers I Value Them?

Perception is everything when you are talking about subscriber experience. So how can you show your subscribers how much you value them? Check out this real life example of the results you may see when you take the time to deliver relevant messages to your subscribers. ... READ MORE 

September 16, 2019 by Greg Owens

“Managed Wi-Fi Services Provide a Better Customer Experience.” ‘Nuff Said.

Greg Owens highlights the Managed Wi-Fi success of Calix customer BrightRidge.... READ MORE 

April 24, 2019 by Teresa McGaughey

Beaches and Broadband – What More Could you Want?

Teresa McGaughey shares a recent Calix success story video with Santa Cruz's Cruzio, an ISP building our fiber in its community with the help of Calix AXOS.... READ MORE 

February 4, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

AXOS E7-2 GPON: Simplifying Network Operations at Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative

Kevin Kuo shines the light on Alabama's Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative and how it is utilizing AXOS to simplify its network operations. ... READ MORE 

July 13, 2018 by Greg Owens

ITS Fiber Builds on Managed Wi-Fi Experience to Offer Whole Home Wi-Fi; Eyes Smart Home Devices

Greg Owens shares the latest Calix Success Story video with ITS Fiber, which has fully embraced Managed Wi-Fi and is now offering Whole Home Wi-Fi with premium technical support services powered by Calix GigaCenters, 804Mesh satellites, and Calix Support Cloud. ... READ MORE 

December 13, 2017 by Greg Owens

Three Broadband Requirements. Two Wi-Fi Issues. One Solution.

Greg Owens highlights the work of HBC, who supports FTH, HFC, and wireless deployments and has found that GigaCenters can be deployed in all their installations, simplifying both deployment and support. ... READ MORE 

September 14, 2017 by Teresa McGaughey

Customer Update: CFU Updates Subscribers on Move to 10G PON

Recently, Calix brought the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System with the AXOS Routing Protocol Module (RPm) and Subscriber Management Module (SMm) and a video crew to Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) to conduct 10G field tests.... READ MORE 

September 11, 2017 by Carl Meyerhofer

Calix Connected Communities – Introducing “Rising Stars”

Have you ever had the experience where you were lucky enough to see a business at the early stages of development, and you just knew that this business was going to have a bright future? A business that you were going to "keep your eye on"?... READ MORE