New Calix Marketing Academy Offers All You Need for Full Marketing Success

Matt Collins

Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and Chief Marketing Officer, Calix


At Calix, we are committed to helping you become a better marketer. Four years ago, for example, we first made our “marketing consults” available to you. Two years ago, we followed up with our world-class market activation program, which gives you access to sophisticated marketing content you can easily customize and launch with the touch of a button to support your campaigns.  

Calix Marketing Academy is Unique To Broadband Services Providers Like You 

Now we’re gearing up to take the next step with the upcoming launch of the new, Calix Marketing Academy. We’ve built this industry-specific training program to provide you with the right thought leadership, best practices, case studies, and training materials—all so you can launch masterful campaigns about your value-added services. Ultimately, better marketing will help you eliminate subscriber churn, increase ARPU and revenue, build awareness of your amazing brand, and add value to the communities you serve.  

The curriculum is designed to fit your unique needs as a broadband marketer and will help you leverage the best of what cutting-edge BSPs like Jade Communciations are doing to succeed. Truly, you don’t have to be a billion-dollar company to launch marketing campaigns that yield measurable ROI. Calix Marketing Academy will give you immediate, free access to the resources that can help you build value for yourself and your community.  

What Calix Marketing Academy Will Offer 

  • A series of seven educational tracks broken out by five levels so it’s easy for you to participate.  
  • Certification options to help you grow the value of your team and set up pathways for professional development in this growing industry.  
  • An understanding of the latest and greatest tools you can take easily advantage of (like our integration of Mailchimp with Calix Marketing Cloud, for example) to build a data-driven marketing organization. 
  • Stories and best practices from BSPs like you so you can learn the exact steps, strategies, and best practices you should implement to succeed. For example, SCTelcom is crushing their mobile marketing efforts with 75 percent adoption rates of CommandIQ® among subscribers. 
  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals who share your goals and vision to take your marketing efforts to the next level and see measurable results. 

We will help you become the best marketer possible—regardless of the size of your team. When you partner with us, we help you reach greater heights. The proof is the more than one million orders we have received for our GigaSpire® BLAST Wi-Fi 6 systems. I encourage you to sign up now to receive emails regarding the launch of Calix Marketing Academy. As always, I am available to discuss how we can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals. Email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.  


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