Calix AXOS RPm

Simplify your route to an intelligent access network.

How do you reinvent the Access Network?

AXOS RPm (Routing Protocol Module)

The Calix AXOS platform continues to show the power of unconstrained architecture. AXOS RPmTM distributes centralized intelligence and functionality from the core closer to the subscriber driving dramatic OPEX / CAPEX reduction, insight and control of the subscriber experience and unconstrained flexibility. 

How much CAPEX / OPEX reduction can you gain?


Challenge: Expensive CDN and Core

Traditional access networks deliver bandwidth and enable the service provider to throttle or increase bandwidth.  But there are constraints.

Limited visibility and control of the subscriber experience

CAPEX/OPEX hurdles as networks transition from layer 2 to layer 3

Solution: Intelligent Access

AXOS RPmTM enables the rapid reduction of costs while quickly transitioning to a fast, simple, always on network.  AXOS RPmTM

Enhanced insight and control of the subscriber experience

Unconstrained flexibility with centralized or distributed L3 functionality

Rapid OPEX / CAPEX reduction by moving L3 closer to the subscriber

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AXOS platform enables End-to-End Routing

Any access network architecture

  • Centralized in the datacenter / central office
  • Distributed in remote cabinets, nodes, poles, vaults 

AXOS RPmTM (Routing Protocol Module) compatible with anyPONTM and anyPHYTM  and integrates with  anySDNTM