Calix wins 2016 Light Reading Award

Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy

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The era of Software Defined Access is here.

The World’s Most Advanced Operating System for Access Networks.

Welcome to the Always On Network

Software Defined Access

The Access Network in Transition

Between the data center and the virtual CPE lies the Software Defined Access network, the business critical, indispensable connection between the device-enabled subscriber and the Internet of Everything. While SDN-driven, environmentally controlled data centers with fully redundant pooled virtual resources serve up applications and content for the world, x86 white box CPE is radically transforming the business environment with dynamic on-demand virtual network functions.

Video Library: AXOS Explained and the Future of Software Defined Access

Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders hears from Carl Russo, CEO and President of Calix, about how the AXOS platform changes the access infrastructure into a DevOps environment for service providers. And four other videos on the Calix AXOS Platform.

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ISE Article – The impact of SDN on access networks

Calix VP of Product Line Management Shane Eleniak discusses in the March issue of ISE the realities of bringing SDN to the access network, and how a new concept called Software Defined Access rapidly delivers new services, a superior customer experience, and unparalleled reliability for service providers.

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A New Paradigm for Access

Modular, reusable software components that can run on technologically diverse hardware without modification, reducing software qualification time, increasing new service velocity, and mitigating upgrade risks.

  • Rapid deployment of end-to-end services across the entire Access infrastructure
  • No proprietary architecture
  • Validate new features against deployment use cases and solution
  • Reduce time to qualify new systems and software
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In-service upgrade capabilities and built-in logic that eliminate service disruptions, constrain and automatically recover from faults, and prevent side-effects caused by new software functions or human error.

  • Eliminate unplanned network outage
  • Design for no maintenance windows
  • Constrain failures from new features
  • Eliminate side-effects caused by new fixes
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Open, standard-based, fully programmable management and control APIs that reduce operational complexity, enable automated workflows, and provide compatibility with SDN-aligned operational supportsystems for maximum interoperability.

  • Automate workflows
  • Reduce complexity to validate, qualify new H/w
  • Reduce time to integrate with IT OSS systems
  • Standards based multi-vendor interoperability 
  • Flexibility of deployment
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Rapid delivery of new services, superior customer experience and unparalleled reliability

Today, it’s the access network’s time to undergo a transformative paradigm shift, enabled by AXOS, the world’s most advanced operating system for access networks.

AXOS, or Access eXtensible Operating System, a Linux-based network operating system and software platform built for the specific needs of the access network. Completely hardware independent, AXOS allows for all software functions in the access network to be developed and run without dependence on the underlying hardware and associated silicon chipsets.

With an always-on architecture and consistent provisioning services, AXOS accelerates time-to-revenue, eliminates service disruptions, and reduces operational complexity for service providers.

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