Congratulations to the 2021 Winners!

Congratulations to the 2021 Winners!


Calix Innovations Award Winners

We give Innovations Awards annually to Calix customers that are leading the way by leveraging Calix solutions to offer the ultimate subscriber experience and build future-proof broadband businesses. We also recognize outstanding Calix partners that drive new innovations and successful collaborations for Calix customers. 


Awarded at Calix Connexions 2021


Innovations in Revenue EDGE



A Calix customer since late 2019, Norvado has reimagined its value proposition, providing rural Wisconsin subscribers the types of services once only available in major metropolitan areas.

Customer Support

SC Telcom

SC Telcom has been a Calix customer since 2005. The cooperative began rolling out the end-to-end Calix Revenue EDGE solution in 2019, dramatically transforming its business.

Network Operations

Chariton Valley

A Calix customer since 2011, the Missouri-based Chariton Valley has used its Calix offerings to evaluate and improve network performance, accelerate turnups, and excite subscribers. 

Network Engineering


A Calix customer since 2018, Atlantic Broadband was recognized as one of the first large cable operators to successfully upgrade in scale from a coaxial-cable plant to a software defined fiber-based 10G XGS-PON overlay network.


Partner Leadership

Calix Partner of the Year

CCI Systems

This award recognizes CCI Systems for their overall business performance, the level of innovation they have shown across both business and technology, and the beneficial impact on our shared customers.

Impact Partner Award


This award recognizes Conexon whose accomplishments throughout the year have had a substantial positive impact on shared customers and the broader industry.

Innovation Partner Award

CheckPoint Solutions

This award recognizes CheckPoint Solutions as a visionary partner for their commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help service providers reimagine the way they run their businesses and serve their subscribers. 

Market Activation Partner


This award recognizes Pivot for delivering innovative support, services, and marketing campaigns that are designed to accelerate and maximize service providers go-to-market activities and excite their subscribers.


Community Champion


Community Champion Award

Frank Bulk

Frank’s quick and informed responses to new posts offer solid solutions and product advice to our members. He consistently provide valuable feedback for us through the Community and TAC surveys. With more comments and insights than the rest of the Community leaderboard combined, Frank truly ia a Calix Champion. 


Awarded at Calix Connexions 2020


Innovations in Revenue EDGE



Jade Communications

Jade Communications was named a winner because it has transformed its entire go-to-market strategy by including managed Wi-Fi as part of its internet service and deploying the Wi-Fi 6 BLAST u6 to all subscribers. Doing so helped Jade reduce its average new gateway integration time from four weeks to just one day. By leveraging EDGE Suites, Jade is taking control of its markets and decreasing subscriber churn. Jade subscribers represent the highest adoption of the ProtectIQ™ app among all Revenue EDGE customers.

Customer Experience


Since March of 2020, WCTEL has brought customer experience to a whole new level. For its outstanding efforts in responding with agility and creativity to better serve subscribers during the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to award WCTEL with the Innovations in Revenue EDGE Award, in the category of Customer Experience. 

Influencers to Watch


ALLO has been recognized as an “Influencer to Watch” for its work in communicating the benefits of fiber and ultimate Wi-Fi, as well as its campaigns—including those in response to work-from-home, and “Settle for More.” 


GVTC has been recognized as an “Influencer to Watch” for its work on promoting the benefits of Wi-Fi on LinkedIn 


SCTelcom has been recognized as an “Influencer to Watch” for its work in promoting the CommandIQ™ app and Revenue EDGE Suites.


Innovations in Intelligent Access EDGE


Network Operations

Cumberland Connect

We’re excited to name Cumberland Connect as an Innovations award winner in the category of Network Operations. Cumberland Connect began taking subscriber orders May 1, in the most underserved parts of Tennessee, rapidly ramping to 200 installs per week. With member experience as a guidepost, it focused on proactively resolving issues and providing fun promotions like gigabit service for all when they hit 1,000 subscribers.

Network Engineering


Many congratulations to Acentek on being named a Calix Innovations award winner in the category of Network Engineering. Acentek has been in business since 1950, and participated through the years in the growth of broadband building out a fiber network.  They realized that challenges they were seeing in their network were actually an opportunity to take advantage of new architectures and systems and, most importantly, gain operational efficiency with a software platform. 


Calix Partner of the Year


Consulting Engineering


Conexon is a leader in providing education and consulting exclusively for the electric cooperative community around the best ways to deploy fiber-to-the-home networks. We’re delighted to award Conexon the inaugural Consulting Engineering Partner of the Year Award in honor of the tremendous value it provides to its customers and their subscribers. 

Awarded at Calix Connexions 2019


Innovation in Next Generation Networks


3 Rivers Communications

This Montana-based cooperative is accelerating its FTTH build out, which will reach 100 percent of its members within the next five years, with the assistance of Calix Professional Services and the MobilePro application.



Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, local electric utility BrightRidge is expanding its offering to bring broadband services, including 10G speeds, to the entire community over a Calix AXOS-powered network.



After suffering a fiber cut years ago that left the town of Santa Cruz, California without an Internet connection, Cruzio has been on a mission to transform the community’s broadband infrastructure and is utilizing the Calix AXOS platform and systems to deliver an always-on experience.


The largest member-owned telecommunications cooperative in the state of Alabama, Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative is preparing its community for the influx of 5G through the Calix AXOS platform, while utilizing Calix Cloud to become more efficient in customer support and marketing.


Great Lakes Energy/Truestream

In northern and western Michigan, electric cooperative Great Lakes Energy (GLE) has created a successful FTTH pilot project built on a full suite of Calix software, systems, and services as it prepares for a membership-wide expansion of its broadband service under its Truestream subsidiary.


Innovation in Subscriber Experience



Texas-based GVTC Communications, which is delivering broadband services near some of the nation’s fastest growing cities, is taking Managed Wi-Fi to the next level with Calix Support Cloud, EXOS, and the GigaSpire BLAST solution.

Home Telecom

By identifying the right subscriber segment that was most in need of 1 gigabit service through Calix Marketing Cloud, Home Telecom drove unprecedented marketing campaign results while providing subscribers the broadband experience they desired.


With the assistance of Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud, Kansas-based SCTelcom has transformed its business, turning all employees into marketers and driving new levels of success in marketing campaigns and customer support metrics.


GoSEMO Fiber

With its first foray into broadband service, GoSEMO, a subsidiary of SEMO Electric Cooperative, is delivering gigabit speeds and Managed Wi-Fi service with great success to previously underserved areas in Missouri.

Triangle Communications

Through its investment in Calix Cloud, Montana’s Triangle Communications broke down the data silos across the company to become more efficient in its marketing and customer support efforts and deliver an overall elevated member experience.


Innovations in Marketing


Winner—Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

With booming growth in its community, Pioneer built an Experience Management team and utilized the data from both Calix Marketing and Support Cloud to create an awareness and upgrade campaign, which has driven a considerable ARPU boost for the cooperative and elevated their subscribers’ experience.


Finalist—ALLO Communications

Recognizing the passion its Nebraska-market subscribers had for the University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team, the all fiber-based ALLO Communications built its successful “We Believe” campaign around this common interest. 



The largest independently owned telecommunications provider in Canada, Tbaytel outpaced its competition by becoming the first in its market to deliver Managed Wi-Fi service and has continued to see success with its Calix GigaCenter-based offering.

Awarded at Calix Connexions 2018


Innovation in Subscriber Experience


ALLO Communications

While rapidly growing to connect Lincoln, Nebraska and eight other communities with fiber, ALLO has found new customer support excellence through its Calix Support Cloud implementation.


ITS Fiber

Offering Whole Home Wi-Fi with premium technical support powered by GigaCenters, 804Mesh satellites, and Calix Support Cloud, ITS Fiber is prepared to lead the adoption of smart home devices.



While driving continued adoption of GigaCenters through its successful Premium Wi-Fi service, Nex-Tech has leveraged materials from Calix to accelerate and streamline its marketing campaigns.


Innovation in Next Generation Networks



CityFibre and Calix enter a strategic partnership to leverage AXOS and the E9-2 to deliver the UK's first software defined access (SDA) network.


Gibson Connect

With the AXOS platform serving as the foundation of its fiber network expansion, Gibson Connect is delivering broadband services to underserved areas of Tennessee while bringing new efficiencies to its electric network.


HDC Maldives

Housing Development Corporation of Maldives has partnered with Calix Services to create Asia’s first gigabit-enabled Smart City in Hulhumalé which will boast an open access network to support a target population of 240,000.

Innovations in Marketing


Triangle Communications

Calix ConneXions 2018 saw the presentation of the inaugural Innovations in Marketing award. Montana’s Triangle Communications received the award from an impressive pool of submissions from Calix customers, as it showcased how targeted marketing campaigns have led to new levels of success for the company. Hear directly from Triangle in its’ award-winning video.

Awarded at Calix ConneXions 2017


Cedar Falls Utilities

Muni broadband leader Cedar Falls Utilities talks subscriber management with the Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System. 


Momentum Telecom

Through a close partnership, Calix and Momentum Telecom are reducing back office integration time and complexity and laying a foundation to SDN for service providers of all types.



In Lafayette, Tennessee, NCTC is utilizing Calix Marketing Cloud to drive business success with higher ARPU, take rates, and broadband speed upgrades across their subscriber base.


Northpower Fibre

Calix has made NG-PON2 a reality, enabling New Zealand's Northpower Fibre to demonstrate the technology in a live network for the first time in the world via a Calix AXOS E7-2 Modular Access System. 


Paul Bunyan Communications

In Minnesota, Paul Bunyan Communications leveraged their Calix-powered gigabit network and GigaCenters with Carrier Class Wi-Fi to host the region's first live gaming tournament with the GigaZone Gaming Championship.


Pilot Fiber

Manhattan-based Pilot Fiber is leveraging a fully software defined network and the AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System to build an impressive base of business customers throughout major cities on the East Coast of the United States.

Awarded at 2016 User Group Conference

Around the country, CenturyLink is transforming and simplifying the subscriber experience for all MDU residents with their innovative CenturyLink ON platform.

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Leading the broadband charge among electric cooperatives, Midwest Energy is leveraging the power of Calix Cloud services and GigaCenters to rapidly grow their service offering and become the “Utility of the Future” in southwest Michigan. 


With a growing business in the booming Fargo, North Dakota area, 702 Communications is outpacing the competition by delivering gigabit services via Calix solutions in the area's multi-dwelling unit buildings.

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Awarded at 2015 User Group Conference

Innovation in Network Transformation
Providing traditional cable television services in southern Spain since 2001, Alma Telecom has transformed its HFC network to fiber and utilized the Calix GigaCenters to improve their subscribers’ broadband experience.

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Innovation in Gigabit Service Marketing
By using a pre-registration model and unique marketing tactics, Illinois’ Adams Fiber is finding success with Calix GigaCenters and gigabit services in Quincy.


Innovation in Partnering for Business Efficiency
Located in neighboring counties in South Carolina, Farmers Telephone Cooperative (FTC) and Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) partnered together to gain new business efficiencies and build a foundation for future collaborations.


Innovation in Leveraging Compass Software
Gila River Telecommunications Inc. (GRTI) has gained new operational efficiencies while generating new revenue streams and improving their subscribers' experience through its use of all three Compass software applications.

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Innovation in Gigabit Service Delivery
Serving parts of western Wyoming and eastern Idaho, Silver Star Communications has seen impressive early success with its Gigabiz service and the deployment of Calix GigaCenters with Consumer Connect software.


Awarded at 2014 User Group Conference

 Innovation in Services Transformation
In Floyd County, Virginia, the 100-year-old Citizens Telephone Cooperative is transforming its network and business to deliver fiber-based services to the region's businesses.

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Innovation in Business Transformation
New York's Finger Lakes Technologies Group has transformed from a traditional ILEC into one of the region’s largest growing companies through delivering business services.


Innovation in Gigabit Services – Local
In rural Wisconsin, Reedsburg Utility Commission is delivering the state’s first gigabit speeds, capturing the attention of business and residential subscribers alike.

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Innovation in Gigabit Services--Regional

Initially delivering the first residential gigabit services in New Hampshire, TDS is expanding its “1Gig” service in many of its fiber markets based on early success.

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Innovation in Fiber Services
With a rapidly expanding GPON-based fiber network, Armenia’s Ucom is taking market share from large carriers in both residential and business markets across the country.


Innovation in New Revenue Generating Services
Vermont's Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom has gained new customers and revenues with a unique local broadband video service.

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Innovation in Leveraging Calix Analytics
Utilizing the power of data provided by Calix Analytics, West Carolina Tel has created more targeted marketing campaigns, achieving a better return on investment while lowering customer acquisition costs.


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Previous Innovation Awards

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ITS Fiber


Northpower Fibre

Saddleback Communications

2012 Innovation Award Winners

Arrowhead Electric/CTC

Cincinnati Bell

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