Speed, Quality, Cost: Don’t Compromise on Your Broadband Installations!


How can you rapidly deliver a high-quality service at low cost?

Firefly Fiber Broadband has discovered the “secret” to doing just that. They leveraged technology tools and field-proven processes to improve operational workflows, collaboration, and documentation during the installation process. This led to a reduction in repeat installation visits by 85 Percent.

Watch this webinar replay to discover more!

Calix Professional Services and Firefly Fiber Broadband will share how they’ve worked together to optimize Firefly's traditional installation approach.

What you'll learn:

  • Firefly’s repeatable method for reducing repeat truck rolls (down 85 Percent!) on installations by modernizing their installation process
  • Best practices and standardization techniques that will help improve your installation quality to deliver services faster, at lower cost, and without sacrificing quality
  • The technology tools available to help your installation process be easily repeatable and more efficient for contractors and technicians.