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Mar 20, 2024

Breaking Bad (Silos): How Teams Can Work Together to Make Subscriber Satisfaction Their Competitive Advantage

Did you know: 86 percent of executives at North American service providers consider 5G mobile service providers, Tier 1 fixed service providers and satellite providers as their competitors with the most potential to negatively impact their ability to grow revenue*? 

How are customer support, broadband operations and marketing teams working together to create a subscriber experience that not only drives high NPS (Net Promoter Score®) scores but also an advantage these looming competitors cannot touch? 

Calix helps hundreds of rural service providers rally around common metrics and tools that anchor an unbeatable subscriber experience. We were joined by Tombigbee who shared how BSPs can: 

  • Leverage data and analytics to make strategic decisions
  • Identify and measure key drivers of customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Explore best practices in subscriber experience management