Calix P-Series

The industry's broadest portfolio of innovative, standards-based fiber premises devices for residential and business services.

Residential and Business Premises

Calix P-Series

The Calix P-Series is the industry's broadest portfolio of innovative, standards-based fiber premises devices for residential and business services. Calix is the most widely deployed fiber access vendor in North America, with over 1000 service providers deploying today. Calix has a long history of innovation in fiber access, including our unique auto-detect technology in which the premises device supports both 2.5 GPON or point-to-point gigabit Ethernet. This technology provides the ultimate in future-proofing the network and ensures a smooth migration for service providers, without the costly truck rolls or changing out ONTs at the customer premises.

Single Family Unit ONTs

Leveraging unique Calix auto-detect optics, the Calix 700GEs are the industry's only ONTs to support GPON and point-to-point gigabit Ethernet in a single ONT. This delivers unmatched flexibility to service providers looking to meet the broad service demands. The result: More efficient network management and operations models, complete service flexibility enables the 700GE ONTs to support different service models cost effectively.

The other unique advantage of 700GE ONTs is the ability to upgrade to a Residential Services Gateway (RSG) via a software download. This feature also provides a flexible provisioning model that supports a variety of in-home networking deployment models

710GX: SFU Outdoor ONT

716GE: SFU Outdoor ONT

725GE: SFU Outdoor ONT with RF return

726GE-I: SFU Indoor ONT With RF Video

Key Features of 700 SFU ONTS

  • Calix auto-detect technology allows service providers to remotely provision and convert any subscriber from one technology standard to another; no expensive truck rolls or upgrades are required at the customer premises.
  • The 700GE ONTs are supported by the Calix B6, C7, and E7, as well as all standards-based GE switches and routers (pt-to-pt GE).
  • Utilizing Calix standards-based Extended Reach or C+ optics GPON, the 700GE ONTs can be located up to 60 km from the serving office. when in pt-to-pt GE mode, the 700GE ONTs can be located at distances up to 50 km, enabling service to hard-to-reach customers.
  • 700GE ONTs support Calix Smart Activate, greatly simplifying the process and cost of deploying ONTs. Smart Activate can utilize a voice response system embedded in every P-Series ONT, a web based version via an Ethernet connection, or an iOS-based app.
  • Both TDM voice and VOIP (SIP, H.248, MGCP) are supported, including TDM voice over Ethernet.


Model POTS 10/100/1000 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 1 GHz RF Video Other Features
710GX 2 1 - - -
711GX 2 1 1 - -
711GE 2 2 - - -
712GX 2 1 - - HPNA
712GE 2 2 - - HPNA
714GX 4 1 1 - -
716GE 2 4 - - -
716GE-I 2 4 - - Indoor Unit
717GE 4 4 - - -
720GX 2 1 - 1 -
721GX 2 1 1 1 -
721GE 2 2 - 1 -
722GE 2 2 - 1 HPNA
722GX 2 1 - 1 HPNA
724GX 4 1 1 1 -
725GX 2 1 - 1 RF Return
725GE 2 2 - 1 RF Return
726GE 2 4 - 1 -
726GE-I 2 4 - 1 Indoor Unit
727GE 4 4 - 1 -

Residential Service Gateays

The Calix 836GE Residential Services Gateway (RSG) is a powerful multi-function device that combines the capabilities of an advanced ONT, Wi-Fi router, and home network management hub into a single compact device that's both consumer-friendly and carrier-grade. Easily installed as a desktop or wall-mounted unit, the 836GE RSG extends the access network into the subscriber's home. 

Key Features of 836 GE RSG

Fully integrated 700GE ONT with complete home gateway functionality and advanced 802.11 Wi-Fi capabilities.

Auto-detect technology – unique in the industry – which allows it to operate in either Active Ethernet or GPON mode.

Centralize software management for home networking and Wi-Fi features as well as the service provider's gateway for offering advanced in-home services such as 24/7 virtual tech support.

Reduces both capital and operational expenses -- for example, by eliminating the need for separate residential gateway or Wi-Fi home router, minimize home network wiring, and simplify device management, maintenance, and support.

Leverage comprehensive Calix software tools like Compass Consumer Connect to remotely activate, manage,  and troubleshoot the subscriber's home network and Wi-Fi, enhancing broadband performance, shortening issue resolution times, and increase customers’ satisfaction.

Tech Specs

GPON and Active Ethernet service delivery hub

WAN Interface

GPON / AE  with auto-detect


2 POTS ports, 4 GE LAN ports

2x2 802.11n 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, selectable dual-band

Compass management

Layer 2 and Layer 3 services

UPS alarm telemetry

Multi-Dwelling Unit ONTs

Multi-dwelling units present a particularly challenge environment for fiber access as the distance from building entrance to the living unit is greater than SFU, and every MDU is unique. Calix has designed a variety of solutions to address the MDU environment. These solutions provide Ethernet, voice, and RF video to MDU in a range of 4/8/12 units as a block. Special ONT models are designed to support RF return, temperature hardened, and twisted pair copper when rewiring of MDU is not feasible. 


763GX: MDU ONT w/ RF return

763GX-R: MDU ONT w/ RF return

Key Features of MDU ONTs

  • WAN interface
    • GPON/AE and GPON (763GX) with B6 (AE), C7, E7 infrastructure
  • Service
    • 4 or 8 gigabit Ethernet ports with OAM support
    • 8 POTS ports


  • 760GX and 762GX ONTS:
    • 4 1GHz RF video with 2  high power RF video port 
    • Temperature hardened for indoor or outdoor environment
  • 763GX and 763GX-R ONT:
    • GPON WAN
    • The first MDU ONT in the industry to offer an RF Return micronode based on the SCTE RFOG standard
    • Available in both rack mount (763GX-R) and wall-mounted (763GX) units.
  • E3-12C:
    • Dual GE uplink
    • 12 lines of VDSL2 and TDM voice (POTS)
    • Integrated VOIP with C7 

Multi-Dwelling Unit ONTs Tech Specs

Model Access Technology OLT Support POTS 10/100/1000 Ethernet RF Video (GPON mode only) Special Features
760GX GPON and GE Auto-Detect C7, E7, B6 AE 8 4 4+1 High Power -
762GX GPON and GE Auto-Detect C7, E7, B6 AE 8 8 4+1 High Power -
763GX GPON C7, E7 8 8 8 RF Return
763GX-R GPON C7, E7 8 8 8 RF Return
E3-12C AE Only--Dual Port GE E7 AE, B6 AE 12 12 VDSL2 None Sealed VDSL2

Business Service and Mobile Backhaul ONTs

The Business Service and Mobile Backhaul ONTs are designed to serve the fastest growing market in fiber access for business service applications, including backhaul to mobile base stations. The rollout of new wireless standards, such as 4G/LTE places extraordinary bandwidth requirements on mobile backhaul to support both new services and higher mobile penetration. The adoption of e-commerce is the driving force behind the faster broadband connection. These new applications demand high bandwidth that lead an industry-wide transition from T1-only based backhaul to T1 and high speed Ethernet backhaul. As a result, both business service and wireless operators are demanding robust fiber connectivity to power their business applications.

766GX: ONT

767GX-R: Rack Mount ONT w/ RF return

743GE: ONT

Key Features of Business Service and Backhaul ONTS

  • WAN Interface
    • GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE (with auto detect) and GPON (765G)  with B6 (AE), C7, E7 infrastructure
  • Service
    • Ethernet OAM to support service level agreements.
    • Full GE bandwidth downstream and upstream.


  • The 742GE, 743GE, and 744GE ONTs.
    • Support copper and optical SFPs facing the customer (742GE and 743GE)
    • 743GE and 744GE feature two T1/E1 service interfaces utilizing PWE3
    • Small form factor
  • The 765G ONT:
    • GPON WAN
    • Rack- and wall-mounted options
    • 4 T1s TDM
  • The 766GX ONT:
    • Rack- and wall-mounted options
    • T1s can be backhauled as TDM or pseudowire (PWE3), enabling the transport of T1 services over an all-Ethernet network
  • The 767GX ONT:
    • Rack- and wall-mounted options
    • T1s can be backhauled as TDM or pseudowire (PWE3), enabling the transport of T1 services over an all-Ethernet network.
    • Two-way RF video with an embedded SCTE standard RFOG micronode

Business Service and Mobile Backhaul ONTs Tech Specs

*RF Video in GPON mode only

Model Access Technology POTS GE Ports T1/E1 RF Ports RF Video Ethernet OAM Wall or Rack Mounted Power
740G GPON 2 1 2T1, TDM 1 1 GHz No Wall 12VDC
742GE GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE 2 2 SFP - 0 N/A Yes Wall 12VDC
743GE GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE 2 2 SFP 2 T1/E1, PWE3 0 N/A Yes Wall 12VDC
744GE GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE 2 2 2 T1/E1, PWE3 0 N/A Yes Wall 12VDC
765G GPON 8 4 4T1, TDM 4+1 High Power* 1 GHz Yes Wall and Rack +24 or -48VDC
766GX GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE 8 4 8 T1/E1, TDM/PWE3 4+1 High Power* 1 GHz Yes Wall and Rack -48VDC
767GX GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE 8 4 8 T1/E1, TDM/PWE3 8* 1 GHz with RFOG Yes Rack -

*RF Video in GPON mode only

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