Announcing the new SCP2-10GE enabling 40G and 100G capabilities in the E7-20

Are you ready for NG-PON2?

Calix E-Series

E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System

The E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System is designed for this world of the device enabled subscriber and ever increasing bandwidth needs.  With the E7-20’s newest switch control processor (SCP2), the system seamlessly delivers fiber technologies including GPON, point-to-point GE / Active Ethernet, as well as NG-PON2 / XGS-PON and 10GE aggregation. The 2 Terabit backplane with 100 Gbps connection to each line card slot ensures enough headroom for next generation NG-PON2 / XGS-PON, 10GE aggregation as well as 100GE uplinks and transport.

This approach results in superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality - allowing service providers to focus on revenue generating, game changing service delivery opportunities.

Calix E7-20

  • Optimized for fiber-based greenfield data center and CO deployments
  • Ready for the Next Generation of Fiber Deployments, today
  • High Density PON and Point-to-Point Services

GigaFamily Premises Deployment Options

For deployments worldwide.


T-Series ONT Options

For most international deployments.

T-Series ONTs

P-Series ONT Options

For most North American deployments.

P-Series ONTs

Key Features

The E7-20 provides revolutionary bandwidth and capacity for fiber based deployments from the central office and data center.  The E7-20 Multi-Terabit system provides up to two terabits of backplane capacity ensuring it is ready for the continued demands upon the access network for increased bandwidth.

System Innovation

  • 20 line card slots enabling industry leading density and scalability
  • Carrier Class redundancy and service protection

Fiber Innovation

  • 100Gbps/slot full-duplex Backplane ready for technologies such as NG-PON2 / XGS-PON, 10GE aggregation and 100G uplinks
  • Utilize 10G links for aggregation of 10G devices in the network
  • Up to 320 GPON ports in a single system
  • Up to 480 Active Ethernet in a single system
  • Integrated transport and aggregation enabling service providers to meet varied access network demands

Subscriber Line Cards supported within the E7-20

Line Card Subscriber Ports/Aggregation Ports
GPON-4x 4 GPON Ports
GPON-8x 8 GPON Ports
GE-24x 24 GE CSFP

System Control Processor(s) supported within the E7-20

Line Card Ports
SCP-10GE 1 10GE XFP, 1 10GE SFP+, 4 GE SFP
SCP2-10GE 8 10GE SFP+ ports (capable of 10GE/1GE)

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