Calix E7-20

A new generation of high-capacity, high density Ethernet access.

Calix E-Series

E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System

The E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System is designed for this world of the device enabled subscriber, seamlessly delivering existing fiber technologies (GPON, point-to-point GE / Active Ethernet) and bridging the gap to the high capacity, next generation fiber deployments of tomorrow. The 2 Terabit backplane with 100 Gbps connection to each line card slot ensures enough headroom for next generation 10G PON technologies as well as 100GE uplinks and transport. This approach results in superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality - allowing service providers to focus on revenue generating, game changing service delivery opportunities.

Calix E7-20

  • Optimized for fiber-based greenfield data center and CO deployments
  • Ready for the Next Generation of Fiber Deployments, today
  • High Density PON and Point-to-Point Services

GigaFamily Premises Deployment Options

For deployments worldwide.


T-Series ONT Options

For most international deployments.

T-Series ONTs

P-Series ONT Options

For most North American deployments.

P-Series ONTs

Key Features

The E7-20 provides revolutionary bandwidth and capacity for fiber based deployments from the central office and data center.  The E7-20 Multi-Terabit system provides up to two terabits of backplane capacity ensuring it is ready for the continued demands upon the access network for increased bandwidth.

System Innovation

  • 20 line card slots enabling industry leading density and scalability
  • Carrier Class redundancy and service protection

Fiber Innovation

  • 100Gbps/slot full-duplex Backplane ready for technologies such as 10G PON and 40G/100G uplinks
  • Up to 320 GPON ports in a single system
  • Up to 480 Active Ethernet in a single system
  • Integrated transport and aggregation enabling service providers to meet varied access network demands

Subscriber Line Cards supported within the E7-20

Line Card Subscriber Ports/Aggregation Ports
GPON-4x 4 GPON Ports
GPON-8x 8 GPON Ports, 4 GE SFP
GE-24x 24 GE CSFP

System Control Processor(s) supported within the E7-20

Line Card Ports
SCP-10GE 1 10GE XFP, 1 10GE SFP+, 4 GE SFP

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