Fixed Form Factor

Calix E5 Access Nodes

Fixed form factor access nodes play a key role in enabling the quick and efficient deployment of advanced broadband services deep in the access network. Optimized for easy deployment in remote cabinets or equipment racks, E5 Access Nodes deliver a variety of solutions across cutting-edge technologies – from vectored VDSL2 and G.fast over copper for residential subscribers to MEF CE 2.0 approved business services over fiber delivered to small/mid-sized businesses and cell towers.

Advanced xDSL for SFUs

The environmentally hardened Calix E5-48C (combo – integrated voice and data) and E5-48 (overlay – data with external voice) Access Nodes provide seamless integration into a wide variety of access network locations, where they can be used to augment (DSL overlay) or retrofit (DSL / POTS combo) third party DLC cabinet locations. This approach enables the Calix E5-48 to deliver superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality.


Gigabit-capable G.fast for MDUs

The E5-16F Access Node delivers industry-leading G.fast innovations to MDUs and DPU locations. Built to extend GPON or pt-to-pt gigabit Ethernet fiber access deployments into these already copper-rich environments, this G.fast node can be indoor rack or wall mounted and AC powered.


CE 2.0 Certified Solutions for Business and Mobile Backhaul

Calix E5 Business Access Nodes integrate service demarcation and Ethernet aggregation capabilities to deliver premium Carrier Ethernet business and mobile backhaul services with operational efficiency and service assurance. Designed for the demanding business services market, the E5-500 and E5-300 solutions deliver more services to more subscribers, enabling the fastest time to revenue.

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