Strengthen your communities, organizations,
and schools with community-wide Wi-Fi

Strengthen your communities, organizations,
and schools with community-wide Wi-Fi


Community Wi-Fi

Go beyond traditional community Wi-Fi to deliver an exceptional on-the-go subscriber experience ​

Community Wi-Fi has been around for years, but it has never been an optimal experience for service providers and their subscribers. How can you successfully go beyond traditional community-wide Wi-Fi?

Build a better solution:

  • High-capacity network with community-wide coverage ​

  • Authenticated, but easy for your subscribers to join​

  • Safe and secure, but non-intrusive​

  • Flexible monetization and low capital investment

Community-wide managed Wi-Fi

Enhances the communities you serve

  • Greater community engagement​

  • A premier destination for events​

  • Increased property values​

  • LTE/5G offload net savings ​

  • Community pride

Benefits service providers​

  • Differentiation​

  • Brand loyalty and increased NPS​

  • Incremental revenue​

  • Data analytics ​

  • Community reputation


Managed Wi-Fi shouldn’t stop at the front door​

Your subscribers need and deserve the same great experience they have in their homes, wherever their day takes them.​

For subscribers

With community wide Wi-Fi, your customers have access to your internet network even when they are away from home. Extend your brand and your service to your entire service area.

Take your Wi-Fi with you

As part of your subscribers' Wi-Fi service, they can now bring their connectivity with them—in town, at school or in the park, they are always connected.

No data? No worries.

Enjoy video chat, streaming and Instagram Live without the constraint of cellular data caps. SmartTown™ brings unfettered internet without the dreaded throttling.

Security and control

The same Wi-Fi and content control subscribers have at home can follow them when they connect to the community network.​

For students and educators

Put community-wide connectivity in the hands of students and educators – wherever their day takes them. Expand coverage by optionally joining the global eduroam Wi-Fi roaming alliance where available.

Safe and Secure

Keeping kids safe online is critical. Integrate the latest network security and content filtering to provide a private, secure, and safe experience for students on-the-go.​

Pre-authenticate with Passpoint​

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® is an industry-wide solution that streamlines Wi-Fi access and eliminates the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they visit.​

Deploy Eduroam​

With eduroam, students stay connect beyond your footprint. ​

For organizations

Keeping organizations connected beyond the front door and across your footprint sets your communities up for success. Enable first responders, plus municipal, private, and non-profit organizations to leverage Wi-Fi on-the-go across the city, within their housing associations, and everywhere people work, learn, and play.​

On-the-go municipal staff

Empower first responders, city workers, and community staff with HD video conferencing, and high-speed access to online applications without consuming expensive 5G/LTE bandwidth and in areas where 5G/LTE is not available.​


Create unique private Wi-Fi communities for organizations, housing associations, apartment buildings, mobile health clinics, and just about any group with long-term membership.

Evolving models for virtual learning

Enable BSPs to offer E-Rate services for eligible schools and libraries so they can obtain affordable internet access under the FCC E-Rate program.

For visitors

Bring people together and foster a sense of community by providing community Wi-Fi downtown, at events, and in public spaces like community centers and libraries.

Boost economic development

Community Wi-Fi can help local businesses and entrepreneurs grow and thrive by giving them access to new customers and markets.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Enable people in your community to access information and educational tools, search job boards, and participate in online activities that they might not otherwise have access to.

Boost community pride

Show your community members that they are valued and cared for by providing them Internet access in public spaces.

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