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Fiber Innovators

A new kind of service provider.

Calix Solutions for Fiber Innovators

Fiber as a Differentiator

Across the country new operators are springing up built around the power of fiber networks. While Google Fiber gets much of the press attention, every state has new service providers using fiber as a key differentiator. Calix calls these new operators Fiber Innovators. They bring innovation and new business models, establishing all fiber networks to service businesses and in many cases residential customers. test

Many began as traditional copper based CLECs, ISPs or WISPs. Others have entered from unrelated businesses. Fiber has allowed these entities to differentiate from their competitors and to gain market share.

Most Fiber Innovators started out serving their local community and expanded into neighboring towns and areas, becoming regional carriers.

Market Success

Fiber Innovators have grown dramatically over the past few years as they found success working with unserved and underserved communities to bring high speed, fiber based broadband to businesses and residents. Calix has worked with many of the most notable Fiber Innovators, such as Allo Communications in Nebraska and Hiawatha Broadband in Minnesota. Both Allo and Hiawatha have become known for service innovation and extremely high customer satisfaction, leading to them becoming the dominant service provider in their regions. 

As Calix has expanded internationally, we found the same entrepreneurial spirit, as evidenced by Ucom in Armenia, who have now become a highly differentiated, fiber-based Innovator covering the entire country.

Fiber Innovators often work cooperatively with the communities they serve and increasingly are entering in to public-private partnerships, such as the case of  Westminster, Maryland’s recent partnership with Ting Fiber Internet.

Service Velocity

One of the key business success factors for a Fiber Innovator is the velocity by which they can deploy in a community. Since Fiber Innovators by definition are greenfield deployments they can deploy 100% fiber across their targeted footprint. The speed at which they can deploy translates to lower in deployment costs and a faster time to positive cash flow. Calix fiber solutions are designed to address each of the key attributes of a successful fiber business case, but particularly the most overlooked-service velocity. 

It is notable that the fastest adopters of the Calix GigaCenters have been Fiber Innovators. The GigaCenter enables service providers to move quickly through neighborhoods, reducing installation times and the need to rewire homes. By doubling the number of homes installations completed per day, the GigaCenter has made a significant impact on improving the overall fiber business case.

Calix Fiber Innovator Success Stories

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