Making symmetrical gigabit a reality

World’s first and only gigabit capable solutions over copper.

Gigabit experience over copper for every MDU

Calix Symmetrical Gigabit G.fast

The Calix AXOS G.fast solutions advantage

  • Deliver a true gigabit experience: symmetrical gigabit speeds over copper
  • Increase take rates and ARPU: "Gig" has cache
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure: get to market faster
  • Streamline fiber/copper services marketing: save OPEX
  • Provide unrivaled performance: Calix GigaCenters + Calix Cloud = unmatched experience
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Calix AXOS cDTA and channel bonding technologies

G.fast Video Library

G.fast brings extraordinary opportunity to MDUs with embedded copper.

IHS and Calix G.fast Webinar Replay

Learn your options for fiber to the most economic point using G.fast (2017 IHS and Calix webinar)

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Your MDU subscribers want symmetrical gigabit speeds

Calix AXOS G.fast solutions deliver

Calix is the only company in the world to combine AXOS, the world’s most powerful operating system for access, with G.fast, collective Dynamic Timing Allocation (cDTA) and channel bonding technologies. The result? The unique ability to deliver a full symmetrical gigabit experience over copper.

On demand dynamic allocation of bandwidth to meet increased subscriber demands.

ISE Article: "Copper Will Not Be Outclassed" by Calix G.fast Expert Craig Thomas

G.fast Solution Overview

  • GigaCenter: Terminates G.fast, delivers Carrier Class Wi-Fi in the home
  • Calix Cloud: Provides device visibility and management
  • E3 DPU / E5 MDU G.fast Access Nodes: Connect via GPON/AE and deliver G.fast
  • Bonding and cDTA: Enable gigabit speeds and symmetrical bandwidth
  • E7 Modular Access System: Delivers extraordinary pay-as-you-succeed transport flexibility and GPON, XGS-PON, NG-PON2, and AE  

Calix G.fast Innovations

MDU: E5-16F

  • Indoor Rack Mount / Wall Mount
  • AC Power
  • Supports pair bonding, doubling rate/reach

DPU: E3-16F sealed DPU node

  • Outdoor Pole, Wall, Manhole, Pedestal
  • Local DC, Forward and Reverse power options
  • Supports pair bonding, doubling rate/reach