CenturyLink and Calix bring blazing fast broadband to MDUs

Announcing North America's largest G.fast deployment

World's first G.fast capable of full 1Gbps downstream!

Calix G.fast Solutions

Delivering TODAY proven live G.fast services to existing MDUs copper and coax.

Deliver a Gigabit Experience over Copper via G.fast Innovation

Calix G.fast Solutions

Network transformation and driving fiber forward in your network is the goal of nearly every service provider. However delivering fiber all the way to the device-enabled subscriber is not always possible. Calix G.fast solutions can allow your existing copper infrastructure to compete head-to-head with Ethernet and DOCSIS-enabled competitors, and bring a gigabit experience to MDU and FTTdp environments. End-to-End solution combines fiber, copper, and Carrier Class Wi-Fi to bring a gigabit experience to the subscriber.

Read CalixPress Release on how Calix is already enabling service providers to deploy and prove the benefits of G.fast:



Solution Overview

  • GigaCenter premises service delivery platform terminates G.fast and unleashes the power of Carrier Class Wi-Fi in the home
  • Consumer Connect offers device visibility/management
  • E3 DPU connects via GPON / AE and delivers G.fast
  • E7 OLT delivers extraordinary capacity/flexibility

G.fast Deployment Flexibility

G.fast innovations extend the superior service experience of fiber to MDUs and distribution point (DPU) environments

  • 16 port G.fast indoor and outdoor options
  • Integrated GPON/AE Optics
  • Passive cooling 

Calix G.fast Innovations

MDU: E5-16F

  • Indoor Rack Mount / Wall Mount
  • AC Power

DPU: E3-16F sealed DPU node

  • Outdoor Pole, Wall, Manhole, Pedestal
  • Local DC, Forward and Reverse power options 

AXOS, the Calix network operating system and software application platform, lives where the Data Center’s SDN architecture meets the hard realities of the access network. Modular containerized software abstracted from the hardware layer runs out in the cold rain and snow. AXOS leverages best-of-breed technologies in programming, development tools, and network OS design and architecture to rapidly deliver new services, a superior customer experience, and unparalleled reliability – wherever your access network calls home. Fast. Always On. Simple. 


Deployment Scenario: Fiber Fed MDU with Copper Infrastructure

  • Re-wiring MDUs is a universal challenge
  • Existing plant is often aged and in questionable condition
  • Riser access can be difficult
  • Building access is restricted
  • G.fast provides high speed when fiber is not available

Residential Service Demarcation

844F GigaCenter with G.fast WAN extends gigabit experience to wirelessly connected devices

  • Carrier Class 802.11ac Wi-Fi for IPTV and high speed internet access
  • 4 GE LAN ports
  • BBF TR-124 compliant for IPv4/v6 residential gateway device
  • 2 POTS ports (VoIP)
  • UPS alarm telemetry
  • Complemented by Calix Consumer Connect software for complete experience visibility and management
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