What does it take to deliver a 5-star guest experience?

Calix Hospitality Solutions deliver the ultimate RoX
(Return on Experience)

What does it take to deliver a 5-star guest experience?

Calix Hospitality Solutions deliver the ultimate RoX
(Return on Experience)

Guest expectations are rapidly increasing...are you meeting them?

As hoteliers compete to deliver the ultimate guest experience, progressive hotel brands are deploying Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions to deliver a broadband experience that customers are accustomed to at home, work and are now demanding while traveling.    


Did you know...?

64% of guests are not satisfied with their Wi-Fi experience

...and “Internet related issues” is the main reason why guests rated 4 starts instead of 5 stars.


Improved Experience and Optimized Operational Efficiency

Passive Optical LAN (POL) is a WIN-WIN for Hoteliers

High-rise hotels

Calix Passive Optical LAN drives significant cost efficiencies by:

  • saving critical space
  • reducing energy consumption
  • increasing network security
  • converging guest services and back office services on a single, always-on fiber network

Sprawling resorts

Calix Passive Optical LAN provides extended reach to passively connect villas/huts and other resort facilities throughout the property without additional telecom rooms or equipment. Since fiber is immune to lightning and corrosion from salt water, it is ideal for water front resorts.


Those who know, trust Calix


VT Group is one of the leading hospitality integrators in the US specializing in POL deployments. Learn how Calix and VT Group are using technology innovations to create new opportunity for hoteliers. 


Specializing in luxury resort properties, Dhivehi Viuga (DV) pioneered POL deployments in their territory and is now the leading hospitality integrator in the Maldives. Learn how the partnership with Calix enables DV to provide hoteliers with a 5-star guest experience.


Smart Room applications driving greater need for broadband

Guest smartphone connects to all interactive devices through the Calix gateway

Applications enabled:

  • Lighting Control
  • Keyless Entry
  • Temperature Control
  • TV Controls
  • Alarm
  • Blinds/Curtains

Hospitality solution at a glance

Calix GigaHub Hospitality solutions (with PoE) are the newest addition to the GigaFamily portfolio. Solutions include support for high-end IP services and WAP connectivity, as well as delivering existing POTS and RF video services.


Our mission is to connect everyone and everything

Sometimes that means using existing Cat 3 cabling and Gfast technology when fiber is not feasible.


Calix can help you deliver the ultimate RoX (Return on Experience)


Whatever your deployment objective, our Professional Services team can help you do it better, faster and more cost effectively

Accelerate delivery and management of new and innovative services to your network

Calix and our partners offer a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment as you plan and deploy new services for your network.
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