Ready to redefine your support services?

Imagine a support program where we call you when there's
an issue instead of the other way around

World Class Technical Support

The expertise and technology that you need to succeed

Calix combines comprehensive support capabilities with technical, operational and business advisory features to provide you a clear pathway to success.



We’re Always There - 24x7 web and phone access.

icon_support software_updates


Updates to the latest Calix software to keep your network performance at its peak.


Online Community and Knowledge Transfer

Engage and learn with the Calix Community, technical webinars, and the latest documentation.


Access to Calix Technical Experts

You get access to the industry’s best technical experts to help you with your Calix investment.


Remote Monitoring and Management

Proactive notification to your operations team on critical network alarms impacting services and customers.



A Calix Expert is assigned to your team with specialized knowledge to help you succeed.


Calix provides service offerings that will meet any service provider's requirements

Select the level of support that's right for you.

Your access network is your biggest investment. We want you to get the most out of it with support tiers that help you optimize network performance, improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce risk, and deliver higher levels of service availability. 



For service providers that want to look beyond their current business and operational approach. All the features of the Standard and Essential tiers are included. A Calix Service Director will help you think out of the box, leverage insights you didn’t know were possible, look for ways to maintain up-time, get high levels of customer satisfaction, and improve and accelerate ROI.



Additional guidance for service providers who put a big value on their subscribers’ experience and service and network uptime, and who want back-to-back access to Calix Network Engineering professionals.



Designed for self-sufficient service providers looking to complement their operations with an efficient online experience that will help keep their network up to date.


Running your network is more about success than support

If minimizing downtime and user experience are important, the Vantage tier will help you with your Calix EXA and AXOS investment and provide you additional tools and guidance to be successful.

We are delivering innovative new services to help ensure that your network runs smoothly

That's why Essential and Vantage Tier customers get access to unparalleled technical expertise, and prioritized response times when an incident occurs.

Live Knowledge Webinars


Essential and Vantage customers get access to live knowledge webinars that include topics on “What’s new” with products and services, troubleshooting tips, and “Ask the Experts."

Prioritized Incident Handling


Essential and Vantage customers get prioritized response on network incidents; Vantage customers get the best response time objective!

Your success often depends on the quality of your support

If minimizing downtime and optimizing user experience are important to you, the Vantage tier will help you maximize the the value of your access network investment.

Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Protect your biggest investment – your access network – 24x7x365
  • Solve problems proactively before customers call to complain
  • Intelligent, cloud-based platform automatically correlates and triages critical incidents in your network
  • Immediate notification and resolution assistance by Calix Network Engineer

Vantage Service Director

  • Vantage Service Director leads regular engagements with your team to help you optimize your network, improve overall availability, and maintain peak performance
  • Incident management and customer advocacy
  • Technology consultation on Calix best practices
  • Software upgrade guidance
  • Assessment and recommendations on training

Hardware Extended Warranty Support Program

Assurance, investment protection, and predictable replacement costs are all important to minimizing risk. The Extended Warranty Support Program does all that for your Calix hardware.    

Can warranty
pay for itself?

Extended Warranty coverage can pay for itself with as little as two out-of-warranty repairs. Why would you not get coverage?

Is my Calix
investment covered?

We’ll send you quarterly notices when your Calix hardware is coming off warranty support, or you can contact us now to find out how easy it is to get covered.

How can I control costs and protect my investment?

We have an economical and flexible program to extend the warranty for your hardware. With our Extended Warranty Support Program, you get uninterrupted coverage for the longest possible period at the lowest possible cost for your Calix hardware.

It's easy to do business with Calix thanks to our self-service and community offerings

Calix makes it easy for you to get the help and answers you need when it comes to support. You can contact Support Services via phone, web, or mobile app to get access to Calix Technical Assistance Center (TAC) experts. We have you covered when it comes to getting the latest documentation and software updates, and our online community moderated by Calix experts provides a forum for our users to ask questions and share ideas.    

Service Station Customer Support Portal

Calix Community

My Calix


Service Station Customer Support Portal

Body copy: Service station is your online portal to

  • Open, track and review support requests
  • Access Calix software downloads
  • Initiate and track a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request
  • Go mobile with the Calix Service Station App

What if you could discover and share best practices with over 8,000 of your peers?

The Calix Community is your global access to thousands of Calix users to share knowledge, insights, and questions to help accelerate success with Calix solutions. Start collaborating today!


My Calix is our customer and partner portal where you can find:

  • Access the latest technical documentation
  • Download the latest software
  • View educational videos on industry, technology, and service topics
  • Order new equipment on-line
  • Access info on education learning paths    

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