Fastrack your Arlo Secure rollout

EDGE Enablement Workshop now includes
coverage of Arlo Secure deployment best practices

On site knowledge transfer and hands on practical application
of Arlo Secure for your Customer Support and Field Installation teams

Fastrack your Arlo Secure rollout

EDGE Enablement Workshop now includes
coverage of Arlo Secure deployment best practices

On site knowledge transfer and hands on practical application
of Arlo Secure for your Customer Support and Field Installation teams

Calix Professional Services

Accelerate your time to market

Calix Professional Services help you reduce risk and accelerate the deployment of next generation solutions.

Overcome barriers to business transformation and offer the latest services faster than you ever thought possible.




Planning your network’s next big thing requires an experienced team. Calix helps you reach your business, technical and operational objectives because we partner with your team to help you start or grow your network into a service delivery powerhouse.


Do you want to deploy your network fast using the latest industry and Calix best practices? Calix Services take the guesswork out of engineering, designing, building, and configuring your new network or network expansion. We can help you reduce risk, lower operational costs, and accelerate project completion.



Your services change, your subscribers’ needs change, and your network needs to keep up with the ever-changing demands you put on it. Calix Services can help you optimize network performance through insights, analysis and expert guidance.


Calix EDGE Enablement Professional Services

Core Professional Services to accelerate your
Revenue EDGE investment

Accelerate your premises installs

Deployment Enablement Services

Operationalize fast

EDGE Enablement

Extend your brand

CommandIQ® Premier Personalization Service

Assure ongoing broadband QoS

Broadband Performance Testing


Improve quality and reduce costs on your installation and network projects

Deployment Enablement Services for Premises
and Access deployments

Stay on time and on budget! Calix Deployment Enablement Services drive consistent, repeatable and high-quality execution of premises, access and central office installation and build-out projects. Field proven from over 5,000 successful engagements, Deployment Enablement Services reduce repeat truck rolls on premises installations, inventory loss, and site revisits while ensuring overall quality.


Deployment Enablement Services for Premises Installations

Start enjoying the benefits of better installation quality with the MobilePRO Express Premises Installation package. The MobilePRO app provides step-by-step guidance and electronic capture of installation activity to improve quality and reduce installation-related truck rolls.


Deployment Enablement Services for Access Buildouts

Deployment Enablement Services provides deployment standards Playbooks, the MobilePRO App for step-by-step guidance and electronic data capture on central office, data center, and access network buildouts, and remote Quality Assessment resources that improve productivity, ensure quality and lower costs.


Deployment Enablement Services

Drive consistency, improve quality, and lower costs on your premises installations and network buildouts

Stay on time and on budget! Calix Deployment Enablement Services drive consistent, repeatable and high-quality execution of premises, access and central office installation and build-out projects. Field proven from over 5,000 successful engagements, Deployment Enablement Services reduce repeat truck rolls on premises installations, inventory loss, and site revisits while ensuring overall quality.​

Reduction in repeat truck rolls

Improvement in productivity


Firefly Fiber Broadband™ reduces repeat installation truck rolls

Firefly Fiber Broadband and Calix Professional Services team up to streamline GigaSpire BLAST u6 installations with the MobilePRO app. Firefly is on track to perform 200 installations a week with better quality, automated electronic capture of installation images and benchmarking data, and lower costs with up to an 80 percent reduction in repeat truck rolls.


It’s changing our business!

3 Rivers talks about increased productivity and deployment efficiencies provided by the components of the Calix Deployment Enablement Services. It’s a disruptive and game-changing approach helping the cooperative innovate their operations, improve communications across organizations, and accelerate their aggressive fiber-to-the-home build-out schedule.


How would access to world-class networking expertise help you on your IP Transformation plans?

Calix Network Consulting Services

Empower your team with expertise you need to reach your business, technical, and operational objectives.

Who can you turn to for guidance on your network challenges?

Calix Network Consulting Services empowers your team with the expertise to help you reach your business, technical and operational objectives.

The Calix Network Consulting approach is straightforward and proven, and has delivered immense and immediate value, particularly for service providers with limited staff or those lacking access to the technical expertise required to undertake a full network transformation project.

Calix Network Consulting experts provide insight, guidance and direction to help you develop your network strategy and implementation plans and improve the performance, reliability and robustness of your services.


Improved results for Ciello with Calix Network Consulting

Ciello realized they needed help developing and executing their IP Layer 3 strategy. Their engagement with Calix Network Consulting has provided them immediate improvements in reliability and security and positioned them to deliver innovative services to their subscribers.


Bring reliability, security, and simplicity to your network

Ciello and Calix Network Consulting partner to bring immediate benefits including improved performance, and availability, and security to its broadband network. We can help you too! Watch this recorded webinar.

World-class expertise in reach for rural service providers

“I would certainly recommend Network Consulting Services, as they have helped us make informed decisions that will help our bottom line in multiple ways. We have both the ability to deploy innovative services and the guidance to make our network more redundant and our reliability more robust."

—Jared Carson, Chief Operations Office for HTC


What’s holding you back from keeping your access network at peak performance?​

Network Software Upgrade Services​

Reduce network software upgrade time by up to 25 percent and lower the need for operational resources for upgrade activities by up to 33 percent​.

Your peace of mind and better network performance—let Calix Services show you how​

Keeping your access network operating at peak performance means a better subscriber experience. One of the best ways to achieve this is by keeping your access network running on the latest software.

Better performance, increased security, improved manageability, and new subscriber experience-enhancing features are some of the reasons you need to stay current, but many Broadband Service Providers hold off doing this due to lack of resources, experience, or time.​

Calix Professional Services can make the process easier, faster, and less costly with Network Software Upgrade Services. A Calix network engineer provides the planning, end-to-end coordination, upgrade management, and verification that will bring your Calix access platforms up to the latest release level. We can provide a one-time upgrade or a bundle of upgrades over the course of a year along that includes quarterly guidance on the best upgrade approach for your operating environment.​

Customer Success Stories

Calix Professional Services reduce risk and accelerate the deployment of next generation networks. Our network consultants work with our customers closely to break down barriers and help them transform their networks and delight their customers.


Industry leading FCC performance testing solution from Calix has run and analyzed over 20 million speed and latency tests in the past six months, giving broadband service providers unprecedented scale, ease of use, and insights that improve performance scores by up to 20 percent while meeting testing deadlines 


Working with Calix Network Consulting Services has enabled HTC to move forward with a robust plan for network growth, confident that it is making the right decisions to meet evolving subscriber demands cost-effectively over the long term.



3 Rivers shares how they’re seeing increased productivity and deployment efficiencies provided by the Playbooks and MobilePRO App of the Calix Deployment Enablement Services. Find out how it’s changing their implementation approach to help accelerate their aggressive fiber-to-the-home build-out schedule.


Calix Deployment Enablement Services MobilePRO App is helping Quadro improve installation quality and subscriber experience in competitive markets.


Fast track your EDGE Suites rollout

Calix EDGE Enablement Workshop

Do your Customer Support and Field Technician teams have the resources and practical knowledge to deliver an exceptional managed Wi-Fi and EDGE Suites experience?

The EDGE Enablement Workshop is designed to align and enable your Customer Support, Field Technician and Marketing teams—your subscriber facing ambassadors—on the Calix Revenue EDGE portfolio of Systems, Services, and Suites and managed Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Your team will gain invaluable skills that include:

  • EDGE Suites, GigaFamily systems, and Calix Support Cloud – NEW! Includes Arlo Secure enablement
  • Service delivery and service activation workflows with Calix Support Cloud and GigaFamily systems
  • Positioning, deploying, subscriber engagement skills, and troubleshooting best practices of next generation Wi-Fi 6 enabled managed Wi-Fi and EDGE Suite apps
  • Practical in-field installation enablement that leverages Calix Support Cloud, CommandIQ® App, and MobilePRO

Liberty Communications cuts managed Wi-Fi installation times in half

Liberty Communications’ field installation team shortens premises deployment time, reduces repeat truck rolls, and upsells subscribers on the benefits of managed Wi-Fi.


Calix EDGE Enablement Workshop helps Consolidated Telcom with premises systems installations

Consolidated Telcom talks about the benefits the Calix EDGE Enablement Workshop had on their Managed Wi-Fi deployments.


We can help you avoid the FCC Testing Compliance Gap

Broadband Performance Testing Service

The FCC compliance gap occurs when service providers do not fully meet the speed and latency standards for their broadband services. The down side of not complying can impact your CAF monthly support by up to 25 percent! Calix can help you implement your broadband testing framework and ongoing testing to make sure you stay compliant. Components of the service include:​​

  • Implementation workshop on setting up your testing framework using Calix Support Cloud​
  • Regular periodic engagements where we run pre-tests and provide reporting and analysis to enable proactive visibility into performance results​
  • Report preparation support for regulatory compliance​

Contact Calix Professional Services to get started with the Broadband Performance Testing Service.


Broadband Performance Testing Service accelerates WesTel Systems towards FCC compliance

Calix Broadband Performance Testing team provides WesTel regular testing framework advice and performance analysis to help make sure their network is providing an exceptional broadband Quality of Experience.

Cirrinity optimizes FCC testing process and achieves a 19 percent performance improvement

Cirrinity and Calix Professional Services team up to establish a sound FCC Broadband Performance testing framework. Scott Nyman, general manager and ceo, shares lessons learned on the steps his team took to ensure testing compliance.​


Overcome FCC Performance Testing Challenges

The time to meet  FCC broadband performance pre-testing requirements is now. If you are like many of your service provider peers, you are starting to navigate the logistics and technical obstacles with reporting broadband performance results. 

There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel yourself. Hear Wittenberg Telecom and Calix give you the insights you need to successfully and efficiently tackle these obstacles. 

Calix  experts  share their learnings on regulatory requirements and how to manage performance testing challenges gleaned from engagements with many CSPs who are also currently addressing these challenges.  Wittenberg Telephone Company shares their top issues and obstacles encountered in their testing journey and how they proactively addressed them. 


Command IQ® Premier Personalization Service

Personalize the subscriber experience

Do you want to reinforce the value of your service and stay top-of-mind in the subscriber experience? Let Calix Services brand CommandIQ® with your logo and color scheme.

Calix Services can modify the app for a more personalized experience for your subscribers. In addition, to better showcase your brand, we've increased the pages of the app where your logo is displayed. With CommandIQ Premier Personalization Service, here’s what you get!

  • App development includes both Android and iOS versions
  • Extend your brand - modify with your logo, colors and custom name on app and notifications
  • Exclusive access to Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE) with over 40 personalized videos ready to use and hundreds of professionally developed customizable pre-built templates
  • App update support
  • App Store Setup

Put the value of your brand in your subscriber’s hand

"We want to enable our customers to have the value they see in our brand in the palm of their hand. We made the app personal for us. We wanted to have our customers keep our brand top of mind.”

--Jason Wille, CMO Range 


Everything you need to accelerate your network deployments

Calix Deployment Services

Break through operational and technical challenges with purpose-built Professional Services offerings that help you effortlessly design and deploy your AXOS network, integrate it with your billing and operational workflows, and seamlessly migrate your subscribers.

  • Calix End-to-End Deployment Services: Complete end-to-end deployment services delivered by a highly trained technical team of Network and Field Services Engineers with a strong track record of successful network buildouts both domestically and internationally.
  • Accelerator Bundle–Plan and Deploy: A collection of discounted essential Calix services to help plan, deploy, and grow your network with the latest in best practices and quality assurance tools. Also includes an Education Subscription to help build technician proficiency on your Calix Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE investment.
  • AXOS Sandbox Advisory Service: Real-time AXOS guidance from a Calix Network Engineer
  • Design, Turnup and Test: Let Calix design, configure, document and test your AXOS and traditional platforms with the latest best practices 
  • API Integration Workshop: Automate and optimize your service delivery and management workflows with help from a Calix API expert
  • GPON Migration Service: Design, turn-up and test, and rapidly migrate subscribers to your AXOS platform
  • AXOS Active Ethernet Migration Service:  Automate and streamline the transition of your ONT management and subscribers to your AXOS platform in one-fourth the time and at on-fourth the cost with guaranteed results
  • AXOS SMx Turn-up Service: Calix will install, turn-up and test your SMx application and make it ready for you to start using

Want a better network? Here are 7 design best practices.

Building a better network starts with a solid network design built on best practices that address several key dimensions like scalability, reliability, and security. Calix Professional Services shares important tips to help simplify the buildout and management of your network.​


Steelville accelerates massive infrastructure upgrades at record pace

“What is really important right now is reducing truck rolls, owning the Wi-Fi experience in the home, and providing great customer service. With the services, systems, and Cloud solutions that Calix has available to the service provider today, it made the choice easy forus and the whole package put together is really what made the difference.”

--Kevin Ancell, general manager, Steelville Telephone

Critical technology upgrades reduce trouble tickets, increase revenue, and improve subscriber experience

“They set guidelines, they set a schedule, they had an implementation timeline, and they beat it. They just went into battle and said this is what we need to do to win the war. Once they got their groove, they hit on all cylinders”

--Eric Votaw, CEO, Varcomm

Southern Montana Telephone enables improved operational efficiency & drives increased revenue

“If you’re ahead of the game, it’s way easier, so I felt that it would be better if we had the Calix E7-2s in place now, rather than later.”

--Jason Raymond, SMT


Find out how you can benefit from Calix Professional Services

Calix Professional Services portfolio covers the entire spectrum of deployment from network design, remote node specifications, central office and data center specifications, inside and outside plant equipment installation, as well as complete system configuration, service provisioning and testing. Let us help you transform your network!


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