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Need to increase your agility and
resolve network problems faster?

Calix Remote Monitoring Service
expands visibility with newly
enhanced reporting and analytics portal

Calix Managed Services

How do I streamline my operations and improve the subscriber experience?

Our mission is to help you succeed by enabling you with the expertise and tools to streamline your processes and help your team excel. We’re the extension of your operations team you always wanted so that you can scale your operations and keep service availability and customer satisfaction high.

Calix Remote Monitoring Service

Reduce technician intervention by up to 90 percent and resolve network issues up to 50 percent faster

Remote Monitoring Service Overview


New! Remote Monitoring Service Reporting and Analytics Portal


Better visibility and analytics help you rapidly and proactively solve the problems that can impact user experience
  • Continuous Monitoring across your access network 24x7
  • Machine learning technology to correlate alarms, filter extraneous events, and identify critical issues
  • Intelligent and immediate incident notifications with resolution paths

Empower your operations team with network performance insight through access to actionable information on incidents impacting your network

  • Web-based analytics and reporting portal that provides actionable, at a glance views of alarms and incidents
  • Incident notifications that include the nature, location, severity of events, and recommended resolution paths
  • Valuable insights and historical trends into specific alarms, impacted platforms and devices to enable customers to rapidly resolve subscriber impacting issues

Calix Remote Monitoring is delivering results

We are monitoring 24x7 for alarms to help you rapidly resolve problems in your biggest investment – your access network.


Calix Remote Monitoring Service reduced the number of incidents that require technician intervention by 83 percent

“We were able to rebuild our workflows and reduce the Mean-Time-to-Repair by up to 50 percent”

 -Tim Bowlby, Valley Telecom

Learn from customers and industry experts on the benefits of intelligent remote monitoring


Get Ready to Redefine Your Support Services with Proactive Network Monitoring

The new Calix Remote Monitoring Service is a Managed Service offering that will help you prioritize issues impacting your network and help you go from reactive to proactive in supporting your subscribers.


Valley Telecom Group Innovates Its Operations – Learn how you can too!

Valley Telecom is radically innovating its operations with the Calix Remote Monitoring Service and starting to see the benefits of faster resolution time and improved operational efficiency.


Would you like to know how Remote Monitoring helps focus your operations on service up-time and availability?

Using an intelligent approach to monitoring incidents impacting your network gives you the advantage of rapid response and the benefits from proactive problem solving. This white paper covers how a smart remote monitoring platform provides you expanded visibility into network incidents and how to resolve them to reduce mean-time-to-repair for better operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Download the free white paper.


New! CAF Performance Testing Managed Services

We can help you with your CAF Performance Testing compliance

The new CAF Performance Testing Managed Services offering helps you implement your broadband testing framework and assists you with ongoing compliance and reporting. Components of the service include:

  • Implementation workshop on setting up your testing framework
  • Periodic engagements to run pre-tests to provide proactive visibility into performance results
  • Report preparation support for regulatory compliance

Contact Calix Managed Services to get started with your CAF performance testing compliance.