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Feb 23, 2023
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Calix Adds Industry-First Automated IPv4 Address Management Capability to the Award-Winning Intelligent Access EDGE Solution

Thanks to the award-winning Calix Intelligent Access EDGE solution—most recently recognized by Lightwave Innovation for best FTTx product—and the first Automated Access Network Gateway capability, service providers can now use a shared IP address repository to enable automatic assignment for broadband services to solve network engineers’ significant pain point with managing IPv4 subnets and preserving IPv4 addresses—a highly valued resource for broadband services growth

SAN JOSE, CA—February 23, 2023—Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced new capabilities for the award-winning Calix Intelligent Access EDGE™ solution that enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to simplify their networks and operations—and grow their businesses. Calix-partnered BSPs deploying the simplified network architecture can utilize the Automated Access Network Gateway capability, a broadband industry-first solution that automates the allocation and assignment of IPv4 addresses. To support subscriber growth as the industry faces the challenges of IPv4 address exhaustion, BSPs are forced to implement multi-netting to allow for address assignments from different subnets. Manually configuring and tracking these subnets can quickly become overwhelming—creating an urgent need for an automated solution. In addition, using multi-netting leaves valuable IP address resources stranded. The new Automated Access Network Gateway capability on Intelligent Access EDGE eliminates the time-consuming tasks of implementing, managing, and configuring the network that materialize when using complex multi-netting solutions.


Intelligent Access EDGE is part of the Calix end-to-end platform that enables BSPs to support exceptional subscriber experiences by eliminating potential subscriber impacts during service delivery. These subscriber experiences are built on Calix SmartLife™ managed services, purpose-built for three distinct market segments: residential (SmartHome™), community (SmartTown™), and small businesses (SmartBiz™). By deploying the Automated Access Network Gateway capability on Intelligent Access EDGE, BSPs can:

  • Reduce the complexity of managing multiple subnets. By automating IP address allocation, BSPs can eliminate the major pain point of manually implementing and managing complex IPv4 subnets.
  • Preserve the valuable IPv4 address pool. By sharing and optimizing the utilization of IPv4 addresses, BSPs can eliminate instances of “stranded” and “wasted” IPv4 addresses that become unavailable during the subnetting process. This ensures a maximum return on investment in IP addresses.
  • Free up network engineering resources. Automating IP address management allows BSPs to move away from manually tracking and managing IP addresses. This frees network engineers to focus on more critical network tasks that enhance business growth.
  • Eliminate the impact of the human factor. Manual oversight and configuration of the IPv4 address allocation process leads to the possibility of human error and can result in subscriber-impacting outages. Automation speeds up the process and guards against human error.


AcenTek, which serves communities across southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and Michigan, leverages the Calix platform to simplify network deployment, deliver operational efficiency, reduce time to market, and provide exceptional energy savings in network access.


“We are excited to continue collaborating with Calix on innovations that allow us to automate our workflows and reduce the time to market—introducing a whole new level of automation to support our business growth,” said Ethan Webinger, chief operating officer at AcenTek. “The Automated Access Network Gateway capability allows us to be more operationally efficient and preserve our IPv4 address space. The result is a network that consistently delivers exceptional subscriber experiences. Additional automation enables our network engineers to focus on what matters, ensuring subscribers are not impacted as we continue to roll out new managed services that bring even more value to our communities.”


Earlier this month, Intelligent Access EDGE was recognized as the best FTTx product at the Lightwave Innovation Reviews for the XG801 line card, a vital component of the solution that helps BSPs future-proof their networks. This award is the latest recognition reflecting the power of the Calix platform to reduce OPEX by up to 40 percent, accelerate time to market and time to revenue for new managed services by up to 80 percent, and ensure zero downtime during network upgrades.


“We are delighted the industry once again recognizes the ongoing innovation for the Intelligent Access EDGE solution to enable BSPs to deliver a next-generation subscriber experience,” said Shane Eleniak, chief product officer at Calix. “Calix invested 12 years and over $1 billion to implement its end-to-end cloud platform that simplifies broadband business, excites subscribers, and drives value in their communities. The latest enhancements to Intelligent Access EDGE showcase that we are committed to responding to our customers’ needs and addressing their pain points. For example, acquiring and assigning new IPv4 addresses has become difficult, complex, and costly. It can even impact a BSP’s bottom line. By automating IPv4 assignments from a centralized repository, the new Calix Automated Access Network Gateway capability takes the pain out of the process, reduces human factors, and frees engineers to focus on higher-value work that can further enhance the subscriber experience.”


Join us for the webinar, “Stuck in the Manual Madness of IP Address Management?” on March 1 at 2 pm EST to explore the value and benefits of the new Automated Access Network Gateway capability.

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