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Consumers don't look to you for cutting edge technology.
Things are about to change.

Want to elevate your brand?
Offer the most advanced
smart home system on the market.

Consumers don't look to you for cutting edge technology.
Things are about to change.

Want to elevate your brand?
Offer the most advanced
smart home system on the market.

The future of smart home connectivity is here

The system is wireless.
The family is connected.

The newly-designed Calix GigaFamily business and premises systems are powered by EXOS, the Smart Home OS. Calix offers a choice of systems, all designed to help service providers bring new services to market quickly, drive new revenue opportunities, and leverage an existing ecosystem of partners.     



Change the game with the world's best smart home system

The new Calix GigaSpire MAX and GigaSpire BLAST are not typical residential gateways; they are premium smart home systems featuring:

  • Unmatched Wi-Fi performance and coverage, thanks to the latest and greatest 'Wi-Fi 6' technology (802.11ax)
  • Always-on operation, making network disruptions a thing of the past
  • Advanced instrumentation and analytics, to ensure optimal performance for all connected devices

The GigaSpire MAX also features built-in Alexa functionality and support for universal Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, making it a world’s first!


Improved connectivity meets incredible convenience

Provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage without overly-complicated technology.​

10G GigaFamily

Smart home and business systems that leverage Calix 10G Solutions

Elevate your services with an unmatched 10G broadband experience. The Calix 10G GigaFamily, powered by EXOS, supports everyPON for the delivery of data, voice and IPTV services. 


25% of subscribers have already adopted
Smart Home technologies

Are you ready to re-invent what
‘smart home’ means for your subscribers?


Calix Smart Home App

Control at your subscribers' fingertips

The Calix Smart Home App, powered by EXOS, is a critical empowerment tool for the subscriber experience. A simple 5-step onboarding process allows your customers to see devices connected to the home network, set-up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, control devices and more!


The Calix Smart Home App works with EXOS and both GigaCenters and GigaSpires

How does it work?

To experience the Calix Smart Home App, pair it with Calix GigaSpires or GigaCenters and EXOS to get started today.

CAF Performance Testing, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®​

How can we help with your CAF Performance Testing?

Calix GigaSpire powered by EXOS, together with Calix Support Cloud, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®, offers service providers a simple and cost-effective solution to meet CAF performance testing requirements.​

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​

Coming Fall 2019 Testing will be available with deployed GigaCenters.


We want to help you get started

Need help with your go-to-market strategy? Check out our sample marketing materials and educational content

Managed Wi-Fi Campaign Kits

We’ve worked with dozens of service providers to help them build their Managed and Mesh Wi-Fi go-to-market strategies. Download materials that you can use in your campaigns or schedule a free consultation.
DOWNLOAD MANAGED WI-FI MATERIALS Book a Marketing Consultation

Smart Home Campaign Kits

We’re working with dozens of service providers to help them build their Smart Home go-to-market strategies. Download materials that you can use in your campaigns or schedule a free consultation.
DOWNLOAD SMART HOME MATERIALS Schedule a Smart Home Workshop

Interested in how things are going to come together in the smart home of the future? Meet the Millers.


The Millers were not always being smart about their ‘smart home’.  Then they learned about a new solution from their service provider, which not only provides improved Wi-Fi connectivity, but also ensures that their smart home devices are always working.


Consumers: looking for information about the GigaSpire?

Find out more about our smart home systems, powered by EXOS. You now have more ways to protect your family, control all of your IoT devices and safeguard your home – all through a network that continually monitors your smart devices.