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eBook: The Definitive Guide to Subscriber Experience 2nd Edition

How Marketing Teams Can Enhance the Subscriber Experience, Their Business, and Their Community 

Subscribers want—and have come to expect—much more from their service provider than fast connection. They want safe, secure experiences for their kids, businesses, and communities. Because a fast connection with zero protection? That’s unsafe at any speed.  

Whether it's security, virus protection, working from home, or keeping kids safe, subscribers want you to do the right thing for the community, at the right time. And how can you transform your organizations to deliver the right thing, an exceptional experience? 

The second edition of The Definitive Guide to Subscriber Experience expands the grassroots definition of exceptional broadband experiences defined in our first edition.

In conjunction with dozens of broadband service providers (BSP) marketing leaders and marketing experts in other industries, we developed the Definitive Guide to Subscriber Experience 2nd edition. In addition to outlining the key elements that create an exceptional subscriber experience, this eBook will help BSP marketers:

  • Build a subscriber-centric culture and marketing approach to elevate your brand, expand your subscriber base, and increase your revenue opportunities.

  • Implement a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program to improve subscriber satisfaction and build enduring loyalty. 

  • Develop subscriber experience strategies that will help you reduce churn, cut subscriber acquisition costs, grow customer lifetime value, and increase referrals.

Subscriber Experience