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Improving the Subscriber Experience with Managed Wi-Fi

Nearly half of broadband subscribers report having technical issues with their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Not only do these Wi-Fi issues lead to a low-quality experience for you subscribers, they also place a heavy burden on your customer support organizations.

Since many subscribers think of Wi-Fi and their internet connection as one and the same, when Wi-Fi problems occur, they expect you to solve them. Even if your subscribers purchased their Wi-Fi equipment from a third party, you’ll receive support calls for these issues anyway; resulting in more support calls, more truck rolls, and higher costs for you.

Managed Wi-Fi lets you provide subscribers with everything they need to enjoy the best possible experience. It also reduces your support costs, while generating additional revenue. Download this Best Practices Report, Improving the Subscriber Experience with Managed Wi-Fi, to learn:

  • What are the components of managed Wi-Fi?
  • How can managed Wi-Fi help my business?
  • What are the subscriber benefits of managed Wi-Fi?
Managed wi-fi