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Mar 21, 2024

The Quickest Way Top Service Providers Implement Managed Solutions for Small Businesses

What steps are you taking to differentiate your small-business offering this year? How many months—or years—does your plan have so that the businesses in your community can thrive?

Watch this webinar to learn how an NTCA member and broadband service provider knew they needed a unique managed solution that stood out from the competition—fast. They implemented a new small-business offering, SmartBiz by Calix, in their service area in mere months, not years, to gain more market share and increase ARPU. 

In our webinar, the service provider and Calix, who works with hundreds of NTCA members, discussed how they implemented SmartBiz in lightning-fast time. They discussed how they:  

  • Landed on launching a managed service, differentiated from their residential offerings, as the right strategy
  • Built a launch plan including new packaging, sales and installation approaches
  • Incorporated best practices and adjusted their plan as they on-boarded customers 
  • Learned from their business sales, installation and support experiences and the best practices they have cultivated along the way