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Feb 29, 2024

Minutes Matter: Architect a Highly Available Network

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Did you know: 76 percent of subscribers now say network reliability is the most critical factor when selecting a broadband service, leapfrogging speed as the top criterion.* Additionally, downtime can have a significant financial impact on corporations, with 91 percent of them incurring more than $300K per hour for downtime—that's $5K for every minute disrupted.**

How can you design a reliable, stable broadband platform, respond quickly to service disruptions, and keep costs and complexity from spiraling out of control?

Calix helps hundreds of broadband service providers build end-to-end broadband platforms that maximize system, service, and subscriber uptime. Join our team of experts on this webinar to learn how to:

  • Maximize network uptime with proven designs and best practices.
  • Monitor network performance with cloud-based, automated, and predictive reporting.
  • Anticipate and respond quickly to service-impacting events.

*Fiber Broadband Association

**ITIC Survey