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Mar 23, 2023

Will Your Broadband Business Protect Your Most Vulnerable Subscribers?

Did you know cyberbullying is the top threat to tweens and teens wellbeing? Nearly 83 percent of teens experience bullying and 64 percent self-harm situations. 


How can broadband service providers (BSPs) step up and protect their most vulnerable subscribers?  

Join Calix and Russell Kacer, President of YK Communications, for this webinar . Learn why YK Communications offers their subscribers a comprehensive and intelligent social media monitoring that protects the wellbeing of the families in their communities.

We discussed:  

  • Why Russell felt that it is his ethical duty to protect the children in his community and be the first Calix BSP to offer Bark to his subscribers.

  • How Calix and the Bark social media monitoring managed service enable BSPs to expand their value to the communities they serve by helping families protect children at home, school, and everywhere in between. 

  • How to market Bark to your subscribers and be a giant for your communities and win.